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Dear emirates,
We always fly Thai or Korean airlines and find they are amazing, but as my mother uses your airline frequently and raves about your customer service we decided to take her advice. We were flying into Auckland and getting married the next day so needed good service and a comfortable airline. We were travelling as a couple with an eight year old girl. After stopping in Dubai and reboarding the plane we realised for some reason we had not been seated together. We were asked to sit and wait for the hostess to sort it out and ended up with disgruntled passengers arguing with us over their seat. We also had a suprise stop in Singapore (which was not on our tickets) where the same thing happened being not sitting together. When the hostess once again went to find us seats together we ended in an argument with a passenger and after standing up (the 3 of us to let them sit down) stopped other passengers from getting through which ended in another argument. I have a seafood diet and my daughter a childs. We told them on checking in we both also suffered with a slight wheat intolorence as we both have IBS. That was fine for the first flight as they gave us Gluten free sandwiches. The second 2 flights they went to give us huge sandwich rolls when I explained to the air hostess she said there was nothing left except fruit which we ate from Dubai to Singapore and Singapore to Brisbane. When we got to Brisbane my daughter and I were starving but as it was midnight there was nothing open. We were exhausted and starving and asked to use the Emirates lounge but were told this was for business or first class passengers only. We found some seats and tried to sleep as best as we could. Disappointing as with most airlines for a long stop over you get put up in an airport hotel not just airport couches. Finally we arrived in NZ tired exhausted and starving. We fly back to UK via Melbourne and Dubai on the 1st March and sincerly HOPE this will not be happening again. Needless to say we do not intend to use your airline again after this as such a string of incidents has occured, I am not a complainer but for the price we paid for the tickets this is terrible service.
Now for my next complaint
On the way back was worse. This time you ran out of food for my hubby (as we were at the back of the plane) We asked before leaving AKL if we'd have anymore suprise stops (like Singapore) the lady at the Emirates desk informed us we didn't but when we got to Melbourne and found out we stopped off at Kuala Lumpar I asked to speak to one of your colleagues (I think her name was Danielle) I told her it was ridiculous and with so many extra stopovers we should of been informed. 'She replied it's on your ticket' I said 'it isn't' then she said 'I know for a fact it's on your ticket' I showed her my ticket and then she replied 'well it's normally on your ticket I am going to check this out now' she never came back. When we boarded the plane we once more were served huge bread rolls and I told the girl of my dilema she asked what i could eat. I replied pretty much everything I just have a slight wheat intolerance as does my daughter so we try and cut out bread, grains, cereals etc but i can have anything else'. She asked if gluten free would be OK and I replied 'yes'. After a while she came back with chicken and rice which was nice. The next flight we had gluten free sandwiches waiting for us which were delicious. The last flight we were pretty hungry. By the time you'd gotten to us you'd run out of chicken curry for my hubby. I'm not sure what myself and my daughter got because we'd fallen asleep. One of your waiting staff tried to take our trays twice and my husband asked for him to leave it until we woke. As I woke he came over and asked if I was going to eat it, Before I had time to reply he put his hand to the tray lid and said 'it's cold' he swiftly lifted my tray and my daughters and walked off. I rung my buzzer to see if he was coming back with anything else. 'He replied 'We have nothing else gluten free that's it and I can't reheat your meals' If I knew it was the last thing I was going to eat I would of eaten it cold. He offered me fruit but I declined then he came back and put a tub of fruit infront of me and walked off.
I have never been so frustrated, tired, hungry or emotional on a flight. You still have not replied to any of my emails apart from one saying you'd look into it. This was weeks ago.
I hope no other passengars have to go through this as it was most upsetting and disturbing. I lfly so frequently but assure you I would NEVER choose you're airline again EVER!

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