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Disgusting service.

DO NOT USE!!!!! Ordered for Mother's Day, confirmation order received to say it would be delivered on Mothering Sunday. Received an emai on the Friday at 9pm to say they will be delivered on Saturday. This is not Mothering Sunday. Called and spoke to a rude man, who told me it was better to receive them earlier then late or never at all!!! Advised I won't get a refund. Also then put down the phone on me. Email sent to customer services, which I'm sure judging by previous reviews might never be answered! Had to explain to my mum why her surprise was now ruined, and why she now won't be getting any flowers at all. Disgusted with the lack of customer service given. DO NOT USE!!!! I am completely appalled at the whole situation, I have rang them three times now. All of those occasions I have spoken to poorly trained staff, who have never once apologised or offered any compensation. I have now ordered from interflora, a reputable company who I have used before. It goes to show a good price is too good to be true, because the service is shoddy. £36 wasted, and £36 I have been told apparently will be refunded when the "escalations team" reply to me, only if I refuse the delivery. Which, isn't possible as its being delivered to a business address where my mum won't be on Saturday! Also advised that theres an option at checkout for gaurenteed sunday delivery. What a load of crap! I have gone through the checkout process again, and this option does not exist! Useless. I will be reporting them to trading standards, and I suggest looking elsewhere if you are considering buying from them.

*Updated on 09/03 @ 14:18*
Just to update, I have had an email from a manager stating that I didnt select gaurenteed Mothers day delivery, therefore will never get a refund. I have called, and asked the person on the phone to go through their process with me, as I cant see this option at checkout. When asked what website I was on, I told him, he told me NO thats the wrong one, you use (which I have checked now, and DOES have gaurenteed delivery option) however, the usual does NOT have this option. He told me I was lying, and that I needed to refuse the goods in order to actually get a refund, which I again told him was impossible, due to this being delivered to a business address and NOT a home address- so I have no control over who accepts it and who doesn't, as my Mother wont be there today!! Completely appalled with the service, so much for their no quibble gaurentee! More like, take your money and run! I have reported them to the advertising agency, and will wait to be assigned a case manager for this. I will also be contacting trading standards first thing Monday morning. Please please please do not use this company! They are a liability, and will not be in business for much longer if they operate like this. They are liars, and you will get a crap standard of service! SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME AND MONEY!

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