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I used to be a loyal customer to OCUK as well for many years, spent a lot of money there and chose them over other suppliers even if OCUK was a bit more expensive...until yesterday.

I wanted to buy a few things of them which would've cost me £470+ at Overclockers which at pixmania I could buy for £392 (containing shipping fees!) so I thought, I'd give them a call to ask if they do price match, which they said they do (at this point I'd liek to stress it took them ages to get back to me and I had to chase them by keep calling them numerous times on my expense!) and finally they came back with a price match of £402 even if I pick the items up, they couldn't do any cheaper (what kind of price match is that?). I thought, ok, I live close enough, I'll pick the items up, that £10 doesn't matter that much. I went in, after waiting for ages, they brought out half of my order and told me that the price match was only for 2 of the items and not 4 which I originally wanted. They said the best they can do is £440. I wanted to build my comp this weekend and now, just because they couldn't be bothered to check the links I've sent to them for the price match, I don't have anything (as I'm not going to buy the 2 items for £40+). So now, I've ordered my items of pixmania. Ebuyer is good as well, DO AVOID Overclockers, they are rubbish and their prices aren't good either anymore, just look around at other places, don't be loyal to them, as they don't give a s**t about you!!!! Sooner or later their true colours will show and you will regret being loyal to them!!!

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