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John Lewis

The New John Lewis Website is an absolute Nightmare ! =O

The card types are not correctly recognised and the 3D card secure system does not work on this website .Who ever helped John lewis to set up this new website should never be used again because they have scammed John Lewis into paying for a website which is substandard compared to rival company websites .
John Lewis will lose a lot of customers because of this error in judgement by the Partnership . Ofcourse it is not too late for the Partnershp to do something about this to rectify the problem as quickly as possible and provide a better website than this one .
The other problem which exists is that it takes absolutely ages to load up and process orders . This is un-acceptable ! JohnLewis will find that their partnership bonuses will suffer next year if this is not rectified .
So John Lewis , do not gloat over your successes with your flag ship JohnLewis dot com and Waitrose dot com raking in billions of pounds worth of turn over a year .
Ofcourse John Lews Partnership do not pay the third party employees any of the bonuses , even though the third party call centres involved have helped John Lewis become the third largest retailer in the UK (accordng to the daily telegraph) .

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