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Atrocious service - it doesn't come any worse

I had a four-phone contract with Orange for about five years. Over the last two years I have been totally and utterly disgusted with their customer service. I would urge people to think vary carefully before becoming a customer. Here is a summary of the issues I experienced.
From a basic perspective, when you call them there is almost always a recorded message saying they experiencing a high rate of calls so there will be a wait – on average I’d say 10-15 minutes. It seems to me that they need to recruit some more people or sort out their operations.
I needed to get my phone hived off from the other three phones in my family, onto a separate account. To cut a very long story short, but which involved countless phone calls and assurances of action, this still hadn’t happened after six months. The way they dealt with my request was a complete and utter shambles to the point that they were next to useless. I was given incorrect information, assurances the request was being dealt with but every time I chased I was told something different.
To add insult to injury, I used the email-to-complain facility from their website twice – about six months apart, and on both occasions the email was returned with an automated message saying the system was being upgraded and so was not functioning – so annoying when after exhausting myself trying to talk to these people and then spend 20 minutes writing a note only for it to swallowed up and disappear into their shambles of an operation. The joke of it is that when you ring the recoded message trumpets about 'Orange being committed to the best possible service'. It is a joke, and complete and utter bull---t.
I have since left Orange and will never go back.
Be warned!

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