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Stay Clear

Appalling customer service and deliberate misleading e mails. Was emailed twice, both informing me that my £50+ order would be delivered yesterday (March 8th) to my mother in Spain. No flowers arrived so I submitted a report ticket and spoke to customer services this morning, was informed that it would be dealt with and that the flowers should have arrived yesterday. Still no flowers so rang again only to be told that they weren't scheduled for delivery until today, when questioned about the emails and receipt all stating delivery date as yesterday her classic response was I don't send the emails and I cant do same day delivery so you couldn't, oh and its mothers day tomorrow so she'll still get them in time.. so much for satisfaction guaranteed.. I intend to take this to trading standards as the service I paid for was not met and wasn't permitted to speak to the manager as the lines were busy, no doubt with lots of other unhappy customers.
It's now 9.12pm in Spain should I really be surprised that the flowers still haven't arrived in spite of the 'promise' that they were to use her words (her being <private data removed> from customer services) "out for delivery today" ?
Has to be the worst 'customer service' I have ever had the misfortune to deal with and would recommend contacting your local trading standards office as I have done.
Its now Sunday evening 10.56pm in Spain and still no sign of any flowers so glad that I had call to 'customer services <private data removed>' witnessed and documented ready for trading standards tomorrow. I was appalled that she actually wanted to blame the wrong information given to me on a 'foreign call centre' when I had actually spoken to a very nice English man who did try to help by promising he would look into why the delivery hadn't been made on Friday and get back to me.

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