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Couldn't Care Less

I reported a fault on my landline using their online fault service. They checked the line - or pretended to - and said that they could t find a fault. It then said that the 'incident was closed', even though nothing had been resolved and my line was still dead.
I was given a number to ring 'if I wanted to pursue the matter further'. If! And yes, of course, when I rang the number I just got the usual unintelligible 'customer services' who had no idea about the problem and seemed to have no idea what to do.
Since I'd been forced to phone them on my mobile the last thing I wanted was a lengthy call full of repetition and when the guy wanted to put me on hold I explained that I didn't have enough credit on the phone for that. He still insisted on putting me on hold and that's when I hung up.
Now I'm without a landline and the attitude from Talktalk is that they really couldn't give a damn.
I won't be renewing my contract with them next month. After four years with them this is the final straw.
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I have been with Ebay for years and learned to put up with their odd little annoyances because in the main, I rather like it, but they have finally gone too far.
I logged on today to find the landing page suddenly filled with large images of - as far as I can gather - things I 'might like' based on past searches. Not just the usual strip at the side of the page, but totally filling it. I found it hugely intrusive - it really is in your face - and totally unhelpful. I don't actually need any help. I know what I want and am perfectly capable of searching for it. I am neither an idiot nor a six-year-old child.
I searched for some way of switching the 'feature' off, but there is none. Invited to 'edit' these 'suggestions', I typed in words to the effect that I wished it to go away. I was told that no suggestions matching my request had been found and the pictures disappeared. Peace at last! But when I returned to ebay later on I was met with the same bleeping thing all over again.
I will now spend my afternoon off searching for a reasonable alternative to ebay. If this rubbish doesn't disappear within a week I will close my account for good. I've rated them two stars just for this experience (normally I'd give them a 4). I don't believe there is any malicious intent, just a bad, mad and ill-considered idea.



My first time shopping with Toolstation will be my last. On their website they clearly stated that my parcel, which I ordered on Friday 8th March, would be delivered on Monday 11th March. This was free express delivery (on orders over £10) and I was well chuffed with what seemed like a great service. They also stated that if I gave my mobile number they would send an SMS to let me know the progress of my order.
I cancelled my plans for the Monday so that I would be in to take delivery, made sure that my mobile was switched on, and got on with my weekend.
On Saturday afternoon I discovered a card from Yodel stuck in my letterbox. None of the boxes giving reasons for non-delivery were filled in, nor were any options for re-delivery ticked. In a blank space at the top of the card the chap had scrawled 'left safely at number 60' (I live at 158!).
I'd received no messages from Toolstation at all. When I complained, I was told 'sorry your item was LATE arriving' (!) and further told that they do not and never have offered any SMS alerts (which I checked and it's still there in black and white on their website!) Also on their website and in their catalogue they state that they deliver between Mon-Fri. Extremely misleading if you are taking time off to be in.
As for Yodel - why on earth does anyone use these people? It doesn't make any business look good if the carrier they use in unreliable.
I was offered a refund, by which time I'd managed to locate my parcel, but over all it was not a good experience and I wouldn't recommend them. I'd say don't be beguiled by the prices or the free delivery. If it looks too good to be true then it generally is. And in future I will email companies and ask who their carrier is so that I can avoid Yodel.
(Note: having to use a friend's facebook ID in order to post here. This is a genuine review.)

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