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PRC Direct

If I could leave zero stars?????? I certainly would!!!!!

If I could leave zero stars I certainly would.
I ordered a case for my Sony camera & realised after a week or so it hadnt arrived.
So I rang them and got told "it was posted days ago you should have received it by now.I was then told I would get a call back from some one at PRC DIRECT to rectify and notify me of the delay.Shortly afterwards I was contacted by one of their staff who told me they had NOT posted it and had been trying to locate it in their warehouse with out success and offered me a full refund.
My issue is this,why advertise stock which you havent actually got? Seriously apalling customer service too,where do they employ these people from???
I wont be using them again.They have certainly lost a valuable customer.

I also purchased some sony batteries for this camcorder too from them and upon inserting them in my camcorder my camcorder started giving me error messages stating that this battery cannot be used in this camcorder and then gave me an error message,stating a code which i looked up in my user manual and it states that these batteries are not genuine.,the batteries contained no warranty information, and the packaging was not up to sonys usual standard..
They even offered to come to my house and pick up the batteries from me and offer me a refund.....hmmm....I wonder why??? Was it because I said I will be contacting SONY about PRC DIRECT selling me what my camcorder is telling me are not genuine infolithium batteries, or was it because I said I will be contacting my local trading standards about their practices ??? I will let you decide,save to say They will be hearing from them both soon.
And last but not least......wait for it......they say bad things come in 3's and they certainly did in this case.......
They sold me a samsung 51 inch plasma tv which they stated as BRAND NEW and would be delivered to me in 7 days.
On the delivery day I rang them to confirm delivery and I remember asking the member of staff on the phone, is this item brand new,ex display or a customer return?to which the member of staff at PRC direct said to me in no uncertain terms NO SIR IT IS NOT EX DISPLAY OR REFURBISHED IT IS BRAND NEW,WE WOULD NEVER SHIP OUT SOMETHING WHICH HAS BEEN USED BEFORE.
When the tv arrived and being technically minded that I am, I unboxed the tv ,and went to check the menu where there is a small section which tells you how many hours this particular tv has been used for and guess what number of hours it showed that this tv had been used for before i got this supposedly BRAND NEW TV?...................968!!!!!!!!?????? 968 hours????? that if you calculate it means that this tv would have had to have been on for 24 hours a day for at least 40 days NON STOP!!!!! truly shocking I know,I phoned them up regarding this and they offered me a silly excuse the first day that it was meant for some one else,the second time I rang it was the excuse of oh it was a ex display model,and the third day they when I spoke to them all they did was apologise and offer me a measly sum of compensation for my troubles,I mean come on,I made three purchases one which they lied about posting,second one they sold me what my camcorder is telling me are not genuine infolithium batteries and the third item was used,even after me asking them and they re-assured me the tv was brand new,excuse after excuse I heard from them,its appalling and disgusting the way they have treated me.,I will contact Sony about the batteries AND my local trading standards who Im sure will be interested to hear from me, as well as watchdog.All in all can a person really trust such people who call them selves a business? they have shown me how underhand the tactics they are willing to deploy in order to make a sale, And on a last note out of the 6 or so staff members I spoke to at PRC DIRECT only ONE seemed to have some manners ,besides that If I was in charge,Id fire the lot of them. I will be now taking my business elsewhere and will warn all people I know,about this company and how they operate.


The company gave me a partial refund for my troubles which I was happy with,but I cant help but think this was not because of the service and the quality of goods I didn't receive,but more so, so that I remove the reviews of this company from various places on the internet,Which they constantly E-mailed me to do.I guess the reviews did not paint a pretty picture of this firm.

It would not surprise me to see the company complain to this site in a attempt to have my review removed as they have done many times before as it doesnt go in their favour,but if you want a glowing review then this should be reflected in your approach to your customers

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