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Identity Guard®

Useful insight into your credit record

I've been trying a few different credit rating / tracking companies because I was recently turned down for credit even though I've always managed my accounts responsibly. I've been impressed with Identity Guard.

I solved my problem by chasing each agency individually (there were some gaps in my history from a couple of years ago - I moved around a bit and it looks like the main agencies think I dropped off the grid completely). I since found Identity Guard and I see that it offers the ability to see all of the important information in one place. It's a little behind the individual agencies in updating, but it does update - and it's so much easier to monitor everything through one account than trying to keep track of them all yourself. I'll be keeping this for peace of mind.

Cheap, but good if you have reasonable expectations

I've been using Fiverr off and on for a while, for small jobs - things like a quick placeholder logo for an example website, or funny videos for "propaganda" for my gaming guild. As long as you don't expect too much, the stuff on there is pretty good.

I've only had one bad experience out of more than a dozen purchases - I tried to buy writing services from there and the seller returned something that was poorly written, in broken English and barely related to the subject I'd asked for. I expected as much, really - it was just a test purchase. You get what you pay for, and I'm happy to pay a lot more for good work. Still, for quick/simple jobs that you think actually are worth $5, it's worth a look.


Many games won't activate, customer service is a hassle

I started using Origin because it was pushed on me for Mass Effect 3. Since then I've bought a few games that are supposed to activate on Origin, but the keys weren't recognized - for example, a bundle of Spore + the Expansion - the expansion activated on Origin, but the game didn't! I had to contact customer service and it took 40 mins in chat with them to get them to sort the key out.

I bought Sim City 3 on Origin, and managed to actually play the game (I'm lucky there!), but the servers were really over-loaded and the trouble seems to have spilled over to Origin itself, not just the game, because many of my friends are having trouble opening Origin chats with me.

I like the games on the service, but the service itself is far too flaky these days and the DRM they use is draconian.

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