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Monster Pet Supplies

Great service, product not so great

I have 4 English Springer Spaniels and ordered the 20 and 22 inch full leg Cosipet waterproof trouser suit. The suits fit my two boys in the body but the legs are way too long and I have to turn them up. They have worn them half a dozen times and I did wonder how they would cope with my dogs crashing through the undergrowth - consequently, one of the front legs split this morning so, that's £20+ out the window. Secondly, they do not keep the dogs completely dry, they still have wet bellies but, they do keep the worst of the mud off of them. For my two girls, who are smaller, I bought the half leg suits but, they only go up to 18 inches in body and the necks are much smaller too. I could really have done with 20 inch for them. So, overall, not particularly impressed with the product and wouldn't buy again.


Incompetent idiots

Had a rental vehicle for one week in Malta. Got to the rental desk to be told that they had to have a credit card for 1000 euro damage waiver, even though I argued that I had already paid for the upgraded insurance at the time to booking with Holiday Auto's but, to no avail so my Mum reluctantly handed over her card. We were then told that we were being given an 'upgraded' car - what a joke. Found our way out to the rentals car park and presented with a Japanese box on wheels covered in dents and scratches and with a very cloudy driver's side headlight. I insisted on checking the lights were actually working before we left and, no surprises, this headlight did not work so, they didn't check the car from when it was brought back by the last customer to it going out again. I refused to accept the vehicle as it was not roadworthy and then, of course, we were forced to wait around an hour and a half, in the full sun, standing in the car park as no office or anywhere to sit in the shade whilst we waited for them to find another car for us. Eventually, they gave us a small Peugeot which was clean inside and out and we checked off the condition of the bodywork with the member of staff from the hire car company and off we went, at last. We didn't use the car a great deal whilst we were away but the automatic gearbox was shocking and felt like it was about to fall out of the car as it vibrated and shuddered so badly.

Returned the car at 6.00 p.m. so, out of hours so, no member of staff to check off condition of vehicle upon return. Fly home and then a week later, my Mum tells me that she has had £370 deducted from her credit card with absolutely no communication from Holiday Autos as to why.

So, duly contacted them and they eventually told me it was for damage to the vehicle. I disputed this very strongly with them as I know for a fact that there was no damage to that vehicle when I returned it but, lesson learnt, should have taken photographs before flying home. However, their attitude was why was I so angry about it when I had paid for the upgraded damage excess as it would be refunded.

Not the point, I don't like being accused of something I haven't done.

Anyway, my Mum kept checking her credit card statement, still no sign of the money so, I phoned them up again, today (only to be cut off the first time) eventually get to speak to someone who tells me the credit was processed on 17th July. Tell my Mum to phone and check with credit card company but still no unprocessed credits. So, on a whim, I check my own bank account to find that the idiots had paid it back to me, not my mother's credit card.

Useless, useless, useless, rip off merchants, liers - I WILL NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN

Animed Direct

Magnificent savings!

I bought the large 180ml bottle of Metacam for just £16.99 plus the £7 I had to pay to my Vet to write the prescription for me however, it was worth it as if I had bought this size through my Vet, I would have paid a whopping £71 - yes, really, £71! So, as my headline says, a somewhat magnificent saving of £47 and this size bottle will last for a long time as I only use it for a 15kg dog. Thank you Animed.

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