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Could have been better with aother 1% more attention given

I was rather excited with my purchase online and was very happy that it was actually delivered earlier than expected. But instead of getting the package from my concierge, a delivery note was left in my apartment. I then called 'Yodel' delivery the next day at about 930am and was told that it has been delivered and signed off.
When I got home, I quickly unpacked the box and was going to use the sauce pot immediate. But.... the Pro-cook stick pasted on the internal base of the pot could not be taken off like the rest of the items. I then soak the pot in dishwashing liquid for two days and it still could not come off!! I had to scrub it with a rough sponge and it kind of light scratched the base and not all the glue came off. I use the pot anyway to boil soup and after that, some of the glue which is still stuck remains there.
I would suggest that: 1) Pots and pans where cooking will be done, should not be pasted with stickers. 2) Delivery company/personnel should just leave package with concierge is there is a concierge. There is a sign on my main entrance of my block to say that if nobody answers the doorbell call, they are to proceed to concierge..

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