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Worst company ever

Because my family has always been with orange I though it would be a good idea to keep with the trend. but as soon as I started contract it's ruined my quality of life as a student. I have been over charged by at least £100 on several occassions. The way they get around this is by when you phone up to get help two problems occur. first of all it's an 08- number so you are charged. second of all they put on some rude prick at the end of the phone who doesn't have the slightest clue about how to speak english.
Even worse is when you go into an orange store or "EE" now they just tell you that it has to be sorted out over the phone.
So currently I have paid about £500-1000 because of charging me for calls that I havent made, internet I haven't used etc. I changed my nice smart phone to a shitty button phone so I didn't use the internet and I could lock my phone easily. yet they still charged me more money per month.
So for the last two months, I didnt have a phone, okay I'll pay for the contract straight, can't charge me for not using a phone right? WRONG, an extra £6.55 was added, doesn't even say anywhere in the statement as to why. And obviously I tried phoning them up again. but not being racist but in the most indian accent ever. "no sir, I don't understand what you are saying, could you repeat that. No that is not your password"

I would never recommend going to them, even if they do have Kevin Bacon as their main man on their adverts

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