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Furniture Village

Absolutely appalling

We were impressed initially on how professional they seemed, then as soon as you walk out the door here it starts to go massively down hill. There is a huge list of failures on furniture village’s part that I began listing them here but got so fed up and angry I stopped. Essentially they failed to deliver, on a personal promise and guaranteed delivery date before Christmas, they failed to deliver the whole products, missing fixtures and fittings like something you would expect from a flat pack not something you buy bespoke! They failed to then respond to our telephone queries, they failed again and again on this one actually. There were several occasions where we telephoned the store/customer service/warehouse (I’ve lost track of who else we spoke to) to ask when we would receive the rest of our furniture, of which we paid several thousands pounds in cash for. From the many people we spoke to we listened to many stories, ranging from its not my job - the person you need to speak to doesn’t work on a Tuesday’s – the person you need to speak to is off sick/back tomorrow etc. We then received several promises that these mystery people would call back the very next day, after waiting a couple of days no one called, then we were back to square one and called to chase. Abysmal customer service is not the only problem we had, we still don’t have the full fittings on our wardrobe doors - 16weeks in! I have more however there’s no point going on, plus it looks like most of the comments here have already said it!! All I would say is there are plenty of other retailers out there and I would go and spend your hard earned cash there instead. Furniture Village I think you should absolutely take these comments on board as you are clearly failing your clients, you are now ranked as one of the wost companies to buy from...I am not surprised, you should be embarrassed.

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