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no goods, no replacement, no refund, no customer service

Thehut.com seller problem

I made a purchase from an auction site for £50 on 07 July 2010. I sent them an email 6 weeks later regarding non-receipt of goods as I thought they would have arrived by then at my home address as I was working away. The seller, thehut.com, requested my delivery address and when I confirmed it they told me that my postcode was incorrect.

I checked in my paypal acc and indeed the post code was my work one and the rest of the address was for my home. They advised me to wait for the return of goods to them by Royal mail. I waited 1 more month and then contacted Thehut.com again and then I had to confirm my address again and they stated wrong postcode.... I know this already.
I asked for tracking details and they told me that my order was sent in regular post so they didnt have any.

After sending and receiving messages, they finally informed me that sorry we cant do anything. No replacement goods. no refund and not checking if they received the goods back as invalid post code. They did have the correct door number, street name, city and name... Just my error with post code. I contacted paypal who said after 45 days no claim.

no goods, no replacement, no refund, no customer service. i`m now out of pocket.

I have received letter today from card company....

"I regret that I am unable to help you further, as the merchant sent the goods to the address you have setup on your Paypal account and the merchant has fulfilled there service"

But I never received the goods and they were allegedly sent by thehut.com in the normal post.

Then I continue reading the letter.... "As the transaction amount is under £100.00, we have no liability under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Should you need any further help in the future please contact the Disputes Department direct"

Any advice from anyone? I`m £50.00 out of pocket.

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