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I used this company to arrange my friends hen do. All seemed ok until I paid the final payment. Once they had received all the money they then told me there was a computer error and the venue we were using for the day activity we had choosen had not been booked and therefore they couldn't do it. They suggested another venue but we decided to arrange this ourselves. We asked for a refund for this part of the weekend which they said would be no problem. I have yet to receive a refund and they ignore all my emails and when you phone the number it goes directly to answer phone. I then decided to phone the hotel and the venue for the evening activity to double check our booking. They had our booking but nothing had been paid for and was told we would be expected to pay on arrival. As a result my friends hen do has been ruined and we have lost a significant amount of money as well as the fact we now have to arrange something else costing us more money. I have now reported the company to Fraud Action and I hope no one else will use this company again. I believe they are now also trading as <private data removed> although I can't confirm this. But if you do make an enquiry at Release someone from <private data removed> will phone you back which I think is a bit dodgy.

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Cambridge, United Kingdom