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BT service is appalling

We had to wait for over 6 months for BT to install our line. Numerous rediculos excuses given and in the end had to contact the CEO ian.livingston@bt.com As a communications company there communication has been appalling. Please don't get me started on there inept call centre in new deli were they are quite simply unless! Unable to listen and keep asking the same questions.
Mom is just getting a BT line and they have messed this up too. The engineer came and his response was "oh sorry love! I can't install your line they didn't tell me I would have to climb the poll". Mom is over 70 and now they are telling her she will have to pay £1.50 a month for a paper bill......she is 70 and has just lost her husband and moved closer to be near us and transferred her account from her old address, where she had paper bills to her new address where she will now need to pay £18 plus a year. She is a pensioner BT! Appalling!! BT you should be ashamed of what you have become.

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JD Sports

Poor service

Poor communication from JD Sports and incorrect information supplied in their e-mails. If you experience similar problems try e-mailing the chief executive direct at -


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