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Really poor customer service.

I will never shop at Currys again. My daughter needed a replacement laptop for college work. After research decided on a model, opened a Currys online account and "checked and reserved" it at the Shrewsbury store. I received my conformation email at 14.09 and off I set on a 22 mile jurney to get it. On arrival I was told "we've rung your wife and she was going to tell you we haven't got one here". I asked how long ago they had spoken to my girlfriend and was told an hour ago. How strange when I had been at home myself until 25 mins ago.
I told the gentleman I was not happy and was told he would look again but it would take time. The internet error, very common according to many complaint forums, was not his mistake but his lack of customer service was astonishing. Not once did the word sorry pass his lips indeed I was left feeling it was my girlfriend and I who were responsible, for not communicating. No feel free to browse whilst I look, no kiss my arse.
Eventually he said there was no doubt that there was no laptop. I then asked if there may be one in another store. He suggested Stoke 38 miles, I suggested Wrexham 32 miles. He got on the computer to check availability, I pointed out why I was going there,he laughed and rang the store. "No need to reserve one the man I'm talking to has one in his hand and will be placing it in the sold bay under the name of Mr Price (me), ready for you to pick up. As I left he did say sorry......a little too late.
Off I went on my extra 32 mile journey straight into road works and road rage. On arrival I went to the collections and payments desk and explained I was Mr Price and was here to pick up my laptop from the sold bay. I also explained the Shrewsbury store story. The young lady searched, conferred and looked again. " sorry", as far as she could ascertain no one from Shrewsbury had been in contact today. I discussed this with two of her colleagues describing how my laptop was in the sold bay under "Mr Price". No luck. Warehousing was called but no one from Shrewsbury had been in touch. Eventually an experienced member of staff came across, maybe seeing the steam comming from my ears, she told me they would have the model in stock and would send someone down to get it. 5 mins later she informed me that actually Shresbury had been in touch and they had put a laptop to one side in.........guess.......... the sold bay!!! I then asked the young lady who I had first spoken to if she remembered me mentioning that it was in the sold bay, at least 3 times? "Oh yeah" was the reply.
If my daughter hadn't needed one so badly I would have driven home after Shrewsbury. What a joke. No wonder so many complaints on line. I wrote an email of complaint on Friday 8th March and rang to complain. It is now Tuesday 12th and after another phone call still no reply. That's Currys' customer care.

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