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Poor Service and 150% Price Increase Without Notice

So, here's a brief copy of what happened to my bill when I was told by BT that the £9.99 deal was for life.... or 12 months in their world but they have conveniently NOT recorded the call.


So, how it all began.
In early May 2011 I called BT to tell them I was leaving as I was moving to Sky Broadband for £9 a month as it was then.
They told me not to worry and to stay with them on a £9.99 deal for package 3 (their Maximum discount apparently)
Wanting the easy life I agreed and asked if it was for life, or a short contract as I didn't want to have to call every year to plead my case.
This was confirmed and BT being the British institution it leads us to believe it is, I was happy.

As I'm moving house I started the process of moving accounts only to find out they had been charging me £26 PCM from May 2012.
No Letter, No email< no nothing, they just started hiking up the price and the bills are email only and have only just become barely decipherable so I was none the wiser until now.

15th Feb
So on Feb 15th I called them at 09:31 and after being on hold for ten minutes they cut me off :(
I called back and held again and eventually got though to a call Center thousands of miles away, I asked for a manger and was told there they were all busy and when I pressed to be transferred they cut me off.......... instead I ended up at the Customer Options team who had no idea who I was or how I had got there.

Linda seemed very helpful and told me that I would get a call will call within 10 days, after they have listened to call that I made 2 years ago

I was given a reference number and bid them farewell....VOL 012-7319xxxxxxxx

Having a friend who works for BT (Open-reach) I mentioned it to him and he replied, as if by magic, they won't call, they never do.

4th March (after no call back as promised)

So on the 4th of March I called back to be told that the adviser had left the business so they could not listen to the call (utter lies)
They said that this was the decision and that the case had been closed.

I asked to raise the matter further to a manager (level 2) and they just transferred my call back to the call center thousand of miles away.
transferred through to India and had to give details again, not customer service team.

When I asked for a manager I was told 'There's a problem with the computer system, I can;t transfer you to a manager'
They did ask for my work and mobile number which I declined and said I would hold as it was important.

After 5 minutes of hold music and silence they reappeared and I asked for a manager again to the same lady who then told me
'All the managers are i a meeting right now' - when challenged, she decided to stick to the 2nd story of Made Up Meetings

Luckily, after getting nowhere at all, they put me on hold for 5 minutes and then promptly cut me off.................... again

8th March

Once again I though I would call and try to sort this out as it was leaving a rather nasty taste in my mouth.
So, at 12.52 I spoke with Rosemary on 150 called on who within seconds told me that a lady called Emma apparently took the original call. She found it in less than a minute but did say that she would have to investigate further and another ticket was raised vol - 012 - 739xxxxxxxx

Now told they don't record 100% of calls and staff leaving is irrelevant. mobile given for a call back which lead me to today

12th March

Rosemary called back as promised and said that the call was not recorded and that there was nothing she could do.

I asked for it to be escalated up the chain. to a Level 2 Manager - she has and I will get a call in the next 48 hours.

In short, customers are not to be believed and unless they can prove that BT lie to sell you stuff then your on your own and they don;t care.
Sadly the only evidence available is actually sat with BT so there is nothing I can do.

Asked to speak to a Level 2 manger and got a call Call at 11:00 on the 12th telling me that there is nothing they can do and they will not give me any money back as it was on the bill when it increased, no letter, no call and no email. Just a massively confusing bill of numerous pages that made no sense.

Most Appalling service ever.

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