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All those saying how great PiXmania are, watch out!

I find it hard to believe anyone posts on these sites after having delivered an item they have paid handsomely for and then feel the need to tell the world what a wonderful event that has just occurred and gives 4/5* to companies just for doing the minimum of what's expected; I may be just sceptical but...................................Anyway, I only went online, like most people I guess, as I had problems with PiXmania from day one; First they 'lost' my order, then emails sent to the address on the site at the time were returned by the system as 'email address does not exist'; I got in touch eventually via another of these sites, arranged delivery, some 10 days after my order; The item, an LG 50pk350 came with a wet box and despite [Name]@PiXmania promising a replacement if any problems, of course just out of warranty, that happened and since that time, PiXmania have ignored my request for a repair under 'fit for purpose' consumer law; To cut a long story, they kept upping the anti, even emailing a fiendishly complicated range of caveats before they would act; So a stand-off ensued,but 5 months later, after a long illness, I did what they asked, but still no action; It cost me £140.00 to repair the tv, plus 5 months rental of a replacement; I gave PiXmania ample warning of my intentions to get the tv repaired by a local company and charge them unless they responded; Eventually they did, after the tv was repaired, using an excuse that [Name] was not in that week! Absolute shower, so you on here gloating, wait till it goes wrong, I bet you wont be giving out 5*s then? ps I hope the latest Mediator@PiXmania starts to deal with my scandalous 'customer service' issues,as I have told them on the 1st of next month, me, with the backing of trading standards, will be at the small claims court,. looking for lots of cash from PiXmania;
Update:the response below from an [Name] @pi mania( as opposed to [Name], who's gone AWOL, the one from Monday last,[Name] and apparently a new one who they claim has contacted me, [Name], all of whom I suspect are the same guy,a gutbucket sitting at 6 screens tapping out platitudes all day , because if pixmania has a 'customer service 'department, I'm a monkey's uncle) , I wonder if he/she/it actually read my post as I have never contacted Curry's about this, let alone their laughably named 'tech guys'( sexist is that not?):
As for this demand that I, or anyone else has to provide a report, to their satisfaction, is the biggest load of bull ever:
A TV that wont switch on, is clearly 'not fit for purpose' under the sale of goods act 1979(updated), the age is relevant, but a 2yo TV is clearly well within the 6 year unconditional use period: Once I or anyone contacts the retailer and or any provider of credit over £100.00 in the sale and state that you/I are claiming under 'fit for purpose' criteria, the retailer must act, have the TV assessed and unless they can prove that you have damaged or miss used the TV, carry out a repair, free of any charge or replace the TV : Now I know all this as I am in contact with Birmingham Trading Standards, the biggest and most respected in the country, so who would you believe, them or pixmania, a company that has reneged on it's legal obligations for five months? Even today. they through their 'mediator',have been obfuscating, in the hope I will get angry so I can be dismissed as an 'abusive customer'; PiXmania, one way or another. I want the £140.00 repair cost paid back before the first of April, or it's court time:

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18 March 2013

Reply from

Thank you for your review.
I am sorry for the problems you have had with your order and with the Currys tech guys.
We try to make sure that the most efficient service is provided to our customers at all times.
I have been reviewing your file and can see that you placed your order on the 31st of December, 2010 and you reported the fault with your TV on October 15th 2012. As the fault reported is outside your one year warranty, we have contacted you directly and have requested you to send us an official engineer’s report.
Once you provide this report which clearly states that your product is ‘not fit for purpose’, we can offer to cover the cost of the repair.
I urge you to contact me directly on if you have any further questions and I would be more than happy to answer them for you.
Kind Regards
Pixmania Mediator


I like others have had reviews not posted

As well as reviews not posted,it turns out that if you have a long time beef, as I still are having with one of the main electrical discounters(France based but a subsidary of the UK's largest high st retailer), they bar you from making updated comments on the situation. even though they were 5 months apart, yes that's right, 5 months and still no repair: I complained to The review centre about unbelievably good 5* reviews suddenly appearing on the site for the company, then received what can only be seen as a bullying email to prove my 'allegation' of false posts by so called 'online reputation cleaners', when all I asked was what controls they had to make sure they weren't subject to their games!I only asked a question! I have closed my review centre account and asked them to remove any post I have on there, telling them I wouldn't trust them as far as I could chuck 'em: The company I have an issue with seem to have a close and unhealthy relationship with the review centre:
I have had a response to my post as all can see below from the review centre: Although it appears magnanimous, I feel uneasy that they would reply so openly to me, as I had for them not to contact me again; But what's done is done:
What I don't understand about what are suspiciously good, one line odd reviews is that who, having had the minimum service of delivery of an item as they ordered, they feel the need to go online and tell everyone! Why? I only got involved due to first my order disappearing from PiXmania's system, so I went online to find out if they were a real company, then when I found out they were French based, I was flabbergasted, even more so when I found out Curry's were involved, another company I wouldn't deal with if they paid me, so all in all, it looked bad: Remember at the time PiXMania's emails were being returned, however by posting on the review centre a Rachel got in touch through the site, five days after my order: As I have said the LG (I know!)TV arrived with one guy carrying it 20m on his own, the box a big wet stain on it: Like many other LG customers, the TV packed on months after the warranty expiry: No one is interested even though the fault is common to many LG tv's as you can see on the review centre site: This week alone, having paid £45.00 for a report, PiXmania have not responded to the 5 emails I have sent,so I have authorised a repair at £95.00 with a piddley 3 month guarantee: Absolutely scandalous; That's why all those gloating about 5* service from Pi mania and LG will probably have the smugness knocked out of them come warranty expiry and the piece of junk packs up, leaving them with s bill bigger than the items worth! As for sites like this and review centre, NP problem with ads on the sites, but not at the expense of impartiality please:

13 March 2013

Reply from Reviewcentre


Thanks for posting your review for Review Centre. We received your email but did not get a chance to respond as you requested us not to contact you. I am sorry that you had a negative experience; I would really like to explain the situation to you and hopefully address your concerns.

With regards to your review, we would have been more than happy to update your review. Your concern in the initial email to us was that your account was showing you had not posted a review - our reply confirmed that you had submitted 2 reviews and one of those was live on the website. I am sorry for the confusion, we did not realise that you wanted to update your review and would still be more than happy to do this for you.

I apologise if you felt our response in any way was bullying, this was not our intention at all. I can understand that you were worried that the reviews were not genuine based on your experience with the company, but questioning whether a reviewer has been paid to write the review or stating it is "tosh" is not the sort of thing that we like to have addressed via comments. I now understand from your email that you meant this a witty retort and apologise for the misunderstanding. We are always more than happy to investigate any reviews that concern our members and will conduct an investigation into the company.

Please let me assure you that we welcome both positive and negative feedback for companies. We are not associated with any companies on the website and remain impartial at all times. It is so important to us that reviews are genuine so that our members can make informed decisions based on them. We are aware that some companies do try to circumvent our system and we have many checks in place to try and prevent this. We do not deny that on rare occasions companies do successfully abuse our website and appreciate members, like you, bringing these matters to our attention. In the email to you, I said we would be conducting an investigation into the company, so thank you again for letting us know about your concerns. We rely on our community of members to help us with these matters.

I understand that you have had a negative experience with us but hopefully you would be able to give us a second chance. We would be more than happy to update your review if you would still like us to do so. If not, we understand and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

Kind regards

Review Centre Team

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