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Hi,lets start like that, I'm using lots of this kind of web sites:Groupon,Livingsocial,Amazon and have lots of experience before I start using Wowcher,but this is the only one site witch treats the customers that way,(any other company when you make a contact and have a question you got a answer in next day and that how needs to be if you care for your customers),I didn't know and I just realize after I read all this reviews that this is the politic of the company and that's how it works.So lets explain why I do think so and what was my problem:
My first purchase with them went wrong,I did go to the point where I need to pay and good for me I use Paypal,on their page after I confirm with Paypal the page just frost and didn't go true,I tried again and it was successful but after when I check my account I saw 2 payments complete and I did contact wowcher to let them know and to ask for refund for one of them.They clearly said they did not receive second payment and I'm wrong,I did emailed twice and ask to be checked twice,same result,no help.I was lucky I used Paypal so I open dispute and the money been paid in 2 days back in my account chased from wowcher account and they were very helpful after all.So I said Ill keep using Paypal and shouldn't be any problems,but whats happen is now I did purchase a camera Nikon for £69 in November,redeemed in about Christmas.When I open it I found out its faulty and I couldn't use it(the lenses are closing after turning on) and I contacted Wowcher cause I did pay to them for that item and ask them for replacing the camera,not refund,replacing,that was beggining of January.I did Email them over 15 times,had 2 replies with questions and wrong information send to me trying to send back to Wowcher returns,I did call them 3 times,every time I was ensured from customer service that someone will contact me in 48hours to have a look my case and try to resolve the problem.Nobody ever returned or replied,yesterday I called again,spoke to a lady and ask just for the true,because its really upsetting someone to telling you lies in the face constantly almost laughing at you and your problems,I asked for the true if there is point for me to keep contacting them and repeating and explaining the problem to every single person or call or email and repeating and repeating with the hope for answer.She toldc me Ill get email with instructions in any minute,that was 36 hours ago,I know what will hapen again.I made the payment in end of November,I cant open a dispute with Paypal and ask for help anymore cause the period of time from the purchase date is 45 days.You can now understand why is that all happening and why my review it is like that.I didn't want money back or any refunds I just wanted their HELP to replace it,sound really simple with any other company but try with that one and you will see....
Now they will comment nicely and make it look like misunderstanding !!!!!!! and will ask to contact them again and will be sorted quickly!!!!!!! I spend hours of trying till now,let them say why???why??Why I did not get any reply after my last 2 calls and 3 emails in the last 3 weeks till now why?

Good morning Wowcher, that was quick response.I receive the last email from you on the 20.02,3 weeks ago and I did reply 3 times by email and did call 2 times for that period witch is more then 72 hours, your aim should be revised its obviously impossible for you.The problem with the email is that you giving me 2 different addresses both are Wowcher returns but one in London and the other one in Nottingham and I want to confirm witch one is the correct one, don't want to loose the camera and the money I paid for it cause of misunderstanding email, cause I'm sure your answer will be that I should contact you and yes my God I did try lots could be so easier if you train the people on the phone to give information instead keep telling lies that somebody will look at my correspondence and answer me sometime this month.And yes I prefer to contact you here as I see everybody gets their answers in 2 hours not 72 or 3 weeks or more! So as you see all the details for that case can you ask the responsible people to send me email with one address only on the free post return label and Ill make sure Ill keep updated everybody here for the results.Thank you very much.

13 March 2013

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Good Evening Rosen,

We are very sorry to hear of the experience that you have had with this purchase. We have checked your correspondence record and we have provided you with the returns address which for this item is wowcher returns. We do aim to respond to all correspondence within 72 hours we do not offer a next day response service at this time.

If you can return the camera to the address given we can look into arranging an replacement.

If you require any further information or you have not received the email with the returns information please email with TRUST in the subject line.

Kind Regards



Rosen we cannot discuss the details of individual cases on a public forum so someone will email you later today with further information.

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