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Hi all. I've a LOT of weight to lose, I've tried every diet known to man and to be fair most do work if you stick to them, but when you have a lot of weight to lose a pound a two a week can feel like a very uphill battle and that you'll be dieting FOREVER to reach goal !! I've tried Lighter Life and Cambridge diet, again with various degress of success, but then life gets in the way and you go back to bad habits and it all goes back on and THEN SOME !! I had made a decision to start a VLC diet again and while looking online came across Exante, soooo many great reviews and SOOO much cheaper when you buy the bumper pack, what's not to like !! I only started last Monday 4th March 2013 and have lost 12 pound so far so all is going really well. The bars are YUMMY, the porridge is again YUMMY (I make it in a pot the old fashioned way as it is thicker) and the pasta carbonara is tasty, though it's more noodles in carbonara sauce BUT if you like it thicker, use 100ml of water instead of 150ml and again I use a pot on the stove to make it thicker, I also have vegetables with it to bulk it up as it's been very cold and I know it won't be enough on it's own, so going over the 600 cals a bit but it's working for me so I'm happy with that. I've decided to call it a new healthy eating plan rather than a diet, as the minute you say 'diet' you feel deprived, drink plenty of water and I also still have milk in my tea and again it's working fine. You gotta do what you gotta do to make it managable and sustainable, it's about the longterm goal so do what you need to to be able to stick to the plan and keep on track. I intend to take a few days break end of month as recommended, and then buy another bumper pack and continue on. I've had to stand in front of a team leader all my life on diets to try stay on track but at some point in life you have GOT to take control of your own life, your dreams and goals and take responsibility for what goes in your mouth and the weight we put on. So doing Exante gives you that option to use a VLC eating plan without the hour meeting !! I've also put pictures of rather larger ladies than me on my fridge and cupboards to keep me motivated for my weight to come down NOT GO UP ever again !! As it's a slippery slope and though I'm not judging whoever is in those photos, got them online, bottom line is I don't want to get to a stage where I find it too hard to turn back and get the weight off. Good luck everyone. Think slim and take control, it feels GREAT !! xx

13 March 2013

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Brilliant weight loss so far, we are sure lots of people will find your review inspiring and we wish you well with your continuing weight loss, we know you can reach your goal with such a positive attitude. Thank you for your review, and good luck.

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