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This courier service really is brilliant. Their rates are excellent, inexpensive. After booking on the website, I just go along to my nearby shop that uses this courier service, hand the parcel over, shop assistant gives a receip and job done. No waiting in for pick-up, no queing, its done in minutes. Parcel delivered next day and you receive an email confirming your parcels safe delivery. I highly recommend this courier and theres bound to be a shop nearby everyone that does this service. I will use them again!! Thank You!!!

Optical Express


With my eyesight getting so bad, especially having to balance my glasses on the end of my nose to see to apply my eye-make up, I just felt soo fed up with it. I had tried contact lenses. I could put them in but oh my, I had difficulty in removing them & my eyes would end up so red and sore.

I already knew someone who had laser eye surgery & was told how brilliant their sight now was & that it was the best thing they had ever done. That person recommended Optical Express so I had my consultation in Leicester, was told I could have it done & my appointment was made for the 'full works' to be done on my eyes in Birmingham, which is closer to me than Leicester.

The staff were fantastic, putting me totally at ease from when I walked in on my surgery day to when I left. In surgery a team member stayed at my side, reassuring me & relaxing me. When it was all over & I sat up, I felt like I had been a blind person being given their sight back after so many years. It was totally amazing TO SEE without glasses. I was given all my after-care details by another caring, friendly team member, put my sun glasses on (a must after surgery) and off home.

It most certainly has been the best decision I ever made in my life & 2 years down the road my eyesight is as good as the day I had surgery. I recommend laser eye surgery to everyone, especially to have surgery with Optical Express.


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