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I'd rather play twister in a minefield, than have to deal with Orange again

Advice to all, leave orange asap. If you aren't with them, then for the love of all that is holy do not, i repeat not get a contract with them. Basically they have been charging me for a contract which was 2 years in length and ended sept 2012. Each month they continued to charge me.

After 40 minutes of my life and 15 pounds of credit had disappeared they finally disconnected me, but not before giving me the swift kick in the nuts, that i'll continue to treated to 40 more days of payment. Are they going to charge me for April... you bet your sweet ass they are. Oh also do you enjoy the sound of horrifically polytonal club track featuring the works of Kesha and other talentless dick holes. Then your going to love waiting 95% of the time you're on the phone, listening to all the not classics, while you feel your credit and life slip away.

Also if you got the orange care, then make sure you cancel that too, or you can expect the fiery spiked dick of satan to play more ear rape while you call back to cancel that little gem too. That is if you manage to navigate the most asinine bullshit of a dial system. I mean i love it when i have to dial my phone number and password (oh yeah it expects you to type letters with your phone, so if like me you don't own the latest idick, then you get to chow down on arse pavlova), so i get put through to someone who doesn't speak my language and ask for the same details again, but you might think different. You know if you unlike orange were gifted with a brain cell

As the title suggest, i believe i honestly would rather play twister in a minefield. At least if i fucked up then it would all be over quickly and i wouldn't have to hang up and do the dial system all over a-fucking-gain.

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