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Excellent hassle free car hire in the canaries

CICAR provided Excellent hassle free car hire in the canaries with no added extras whatsoever and no fuel scams - just bring the car back with same fuel you took it with - which on a small island is not easy! In my case it started with just under 1/4 tank and went back with just over 1/4 tank - I'd happily give back with 1/2 and not expect any refund as am happiest with no full tank scamming. Car was gutless mind you and struggled with the mountain roads. If you plan on doing that, an auto with a bit more power might be a better option.
CICAR were great, highly recommended.

Rubbish - putting it mildly...........

Both crossings with DFDS (8th out and 11th return) were problematic. Going out of Dover (for Calais) on a 7.30 a.m booking we were told at the check in that there was no 7.30 crossing - the boat had gone for refit 9 days earlier!! Furthermore, when I said to the chap that "he" (DFDS) could have told us the reply (exact words) were "I don't have to tell you anything"!! Could not believe that response. So, not a good start. Ended up being sorted out by rerouting to next Dunkerque boat (1.5 hour wait) BUT we had to do ALL the sorting and chasing with the local Dover office and prompt this resolution - it should have been sorted for us. Coming back, another story. Obviously severe weather on the Monday afternoon (11th March) was a part in this but that really only hid the fact DFDS were running a reduced service for other unknown issues. I won't go into full details (there were many issues, one of which involved a blatant lie on the schedule/service that prompted our early check in) on the afternoon but we waited 6 hours for the return crossing at the port side in the blizzard conditions whilst other operators functioned albeit slower under the conditions - it was great to watch it all go on around us with no information whatsoever regarding our on-going situation. That’s when it became apparent that only a single boat was in service on both routes over this period and I felt the weather helped hide the true reason for such service and delays. This should have been communicated to us so as we could decide to make other arrangements. I will never sail with DFDS again due to their disregard for passenger care and safety and I won't book with Aferry again as the "agents" due to similar mis/non communication with us over both crossings. It was truly terrible service all round from both organisations.

Aferry ref:5031863 (DFDS ref: 17097036)´s profile

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