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Lack of attention to detail and shoddy service in general - no stars !

I ordered a Lynskey Sportive Disc bike from Fatbirds and dealt with the MD for this transaction.

After several emails and telephone calls I settled on the specification for the bike ( all confirmed by email ), paid my money and waited for the bike.

I had arranged ( by email ) to have the bike delivered to my work address as I am not home during the day. I waited at work all day and the bike did not arrive. Feeling fairly hacked off, I chased Fatbirds and after a lot of hassle it turned out that the bike had been sent to my home address and had been signed for by somebody I did not know.

Upon arriving home, the bike had been signed for by the neighbours daughter in law - but it could have been anybody !

Upon inspection of the bike, the mudguards had been fitted badly and were rubbing on the disc brakes. After trying to rectify this the mudguards broke. Luckily I had some spares and resolved this. I complained to the MD at Fatbirds about this - he apologised and offered to send me a Fatbirds cycling shirt - a nice touch that I accepted. I am still waiting for the shirt that has never been sent to me.

I then noticed several days later that two items I had ordered had not been fitted - Gore cables and a Hope seat collar. ( Again all confirmed by email. ) I had by now given up speaking to Fatbirds and did not bother to complain as they do not listen or respond with actions.

After riding the bike for approx 180 miles - about 5 spokes in my front wheel worked loose. This is totally unacceptable and I therefore complained to the MD at Fatbirds by email. No response. I then copied the email to [Name] at Fatbirds. No response. Feeling fairly hacked off again, I sent an email to the MD at Fatbirds threatening legal action if they did not respond and finally got a sarcastic response.

The upshot was that they agreed to pay for the cost of having the wheels rebuilt ( I took the wheels to my local bike shop who tested them and found them to be very badly built ). The wheels were rebuilt and have been perfect since. I did not claim the money for the rebuild from Fatbirds as I do not ever wish to have any contact with them ever again.

The service provided by their MD is shoddy in my experience and I would strongly urge anybody to go elsewhere.

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19 March 2013

Reply from Fatbirds


I can only apologise for our and especially my lack of service – we’re a small team and immensely dedicated – but have been extremely busy and things have obviously slipped. At no point was my response to you sarcastic – from our previous communications, I incorrectly thought that you were calm and on ‘side’ – and was waiting for our Worshop manager, Kevin to contact you. As I understand it, he did within 2 hours?

I’ll put a shirt in the post (you will have had this by now)and would ask that you send me the costs for the rebuild of the wheel – as Kevin and I both asked you to. Kevin has built over 100 pairs of wheels this year and I rate him as one of the best wheel builders in the country, so I’m horrified that this wheel wasn’t up to scratch.

As for the despatch issues – we send out over 1000 bikes per year – which, we understood, arrive in good condition and are, as per our SLA, signed for on delivery. The fact that the bike was delivered next door and signed for by somebody else is not allowed under that agreement. I’ve spoken to them about this and we have already made steps to change providers.

I recognise that service is critical to our success. I can only apologise that I've treated you poorly and hope that in time you might consider using us again. If you do, I can promise you a very different experience.



Peter Flett
Managing Director

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