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Double8tickets or double/triple/quadruple the price?

As a company, 'Double8tickets' are doing what most companies set out to do and that is - make money. The service they offer is fantastic with some of the best seats within the venues. What I find extremely annoying is that 'face value' tickets are being sold for extreme, over inflated prices. Most venues do not operate a sell to the public facility and rely on other companies to sell for them. (IE. Ticketmaster - who offer the seats which nobody would really want!) The best seats are grabbed and offered for sale by other companies and 'Double8tickets' is one such company. They also buy tickets at higher prices from patrons/sponsors of the theatre who do not wish to use the seats on that evening. So as a truthful review can go on to say that, 'Double8Tickets' are doing what other companies are doing and offering a service of the best seats in the house. I just hoped that they would also offer specific seating numbers and aisle numbers- so you can see what you are buying. Yes its an over inflated price, but at least I know what I am buying!

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