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TNT Express

WARNING DO NOT USE TNT!!! They are the Worst Courier Company in the world! Only chose TNT if you want your business to destroying!!!!!!

We have been trading for over 18 years selling parts for printing presses so our customers need there orders asap when their presses break down!
We have used many other courier company's in the past and decided to give TNT a try over the past couple of months after a TNT salesman came to see us telling us what a great company they are and how they could save our business money and time!!!!
We've had to stop using TNT now due to our customers requesting we do not use them!
The amount of parcels that TNT have lost or are delayed is staggering (on average more than 80%) Last week (22.1.14) we sent 4 parcels to customers in USA using the (Express Priority Service) they were due to be delivered on the (24.1.14) as things stand only one has been delivered! We sent 3 to other places around the world last week and all 3 were either delayed or lost for a few days! (One cleared customs and up to this day has been sat in a TNT depot for 5 days!!!
Other problems range from TNT missing the connections or the parcels are being held in customs because TNT have not giving the correct paperwork to US Customs (i.e lost them).
We have not had 1 week where a parcel has not gone missing or has been delayed! Even TNTS UK domestic service is terrible the amount of times we have had to duplicate orders and send them again is staggering (or have to drive in person to deliver them to the customer) the only solution we get from TNT is a refund for the price it cost to send the parcel but the damage has been done and we lose the order and possibly future ones because the customer returns the item for a refund and goes to a competitor! And you cant claim losses back from TNT when a customer returns an item because it didnt arrive on time. (Even with TNTs enhanced liability cover) "we are not responsible for delayed deliverys" is the frequent garbage i get from them!
Ive tried making complaints, That many times ive lost count, to customer service (they dont care and pass it on to somebody else or lie to you) our account manager (he doesnt answer his phone or call you back), the depot losing our parcels (they dont answer the phone) even head office wont deal with you over the phone only by email and those emails they don't respond to ive sent 3 or 4 complaints by email and never had a response!!!
Over our 18 years of trading i have never dealt with a company like TNT!
If you want the reputation of your business to go downhill, enjoy annoying your customers or want them to start buying from your competitors then use TNT they wont disappoint you. Thankfully we can go back to one of our previous couriers Fedex who have served our business well for many years and they have never lost a parcel or missed a delivery date! TNT are slightly cheaper than Fedex but you wont have a business left if you use TNT! There complaints process is shocking probably the worst i have ever come across.
The reviews and ratings from others on here says everything you need to know about TNT and the copy and pasted response from the same member of TNT staff speaks for itself, Lisa must be very very busy no wonder its taking her 2 days to respond to irate customers!!! I HONESTLY WOULDN'T USE TNT IF IT WAS A FREE COURIER SERVICE. I am now back to using FEDEX everything is arriving on time and most importantly my customers are happy with the service whilst TNT are still trying to locate my lost or delayed parcels.

31 January 2014

Reply from TNT Express

Dear Lee

I apologise for the service you have repeatedly received from TNT. We would like to look into this further for you and arrange for an account manager from your area to come and visit you. Please email us at customerexperienceteamuk@tnt.co.uk with your account details and a copy of this complaint and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards, Lisa


Great Customer Service,Great Prices,Great Quality!

Used Vistaprint for years but decided to give SoloPress a chance as there prices seemed good and there based in the UK.
Had a problem at first BUT Solopress reacted straight away to rectify a minor problem and also did more than they had to.
If i have had a problem in the past with vistaprint orders it takes a long time for a response from customer service.
Apart from the customer service been excellent the printing quality is great and prices couldnt be any better i couldnt find anywhere cheaper on the internet!



So i am pretty new to the email marketing system etc.
I found dotmailer and joined up after a free trial as i found there easy editor useful. There sales team are brilliant they just dont tell you everything you need to know.
So i joined paid around a £500 join/licence fee average of (£100 with most others providers) then as time went on all of the below happened! Please read if you want to avoid been ripped off!

1) So after 2 months my contacts list was growing i clicked add another address book because i was seperating the lists by regions and a message appeared saying your only allowed 5 address books "please call to upgrade your account"
so i called and they requested over £500! To upgrade my account to a enterprise account!!! (Most other providers i have found dont have address book limits if they do its no less than 50 all the way up to a 1000 address books)

2) I rang to change my price plan i had gone from sending 1500 emails per month to just under 2000 so currently paying £29 per month i didnt think there would be a big difference in price, they said the new price would be £59 per month thats one hell of a jump for a extra 500 emails. (That price £59 per month with some other providers gets you up to 500,000 email sends a month).
They give you very little at the begining knowing you will require more sends,address books etc thats when they get you with massive price increases and charging for the smallest things!

3) I rang dotmailer for support nothing major something easy for them they could have resolved in 2 minutes but the guy wouldnt help me over the phone because i wasnt eligible for phone support!! And youve guest it "you need to upgrade your account"

4) Dotmailer wont allow you to use your own email address as a from address (i cant find one provider on google who prevents you from doing this) So i paid the £250.00 for a custom from address because the free one they give you just lands in most peoples junk mail! They set me one up with the word 'news' in the from address which is a keyword for some/most spam traps!
There supposed to be more personal ie tom@wizardofoz.com. I called them to request another from address expressing my concerns to be told yes we can do you another but it will be £250.00!!
Dotmailer say this is incase your email address is blacklisted a number of very experienced email marketers have assured me its so they can charge you for a custom from address.
So to sum everything up if you have very very deep pockets and like to over pay for services join Dotmailer!

Matthew Graham found this review useful

05 April 2013

Reply from dotmailer.co.uk

Hi Lee. I need to get to the bottom of the problems you are experiencing. can you please call me directly on 0207 654 8655. Thanks. Cliff.

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