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I used to work for them, and would never take a service with them.

Urgh, this company only thinks about the needs of the business not their customers or their employees. We were told to sell Bt vision knowing that the boxes had a problem, and after when customers call in complaining their box isn't working techical help would refuse to do anything as there is a known fault. Other departments would refuse to help or take a call, even though you aren't trained and just don't have the system available to deal with the situation. Other departments, would not go into customers account (so you couldn't report them to their manager) and hang up on you, even though it could take 2-12 mins to get through and you have a customer on the other line waiting. Customers getting lied to, equipment was meant to arrive or an engineer booked and it hasn't, and you can't magically make it happen as royal mail can take a few days and openreach could take weeks. Pstn (line) repair team and thd lying by saying it's not their department and hanging up or they transfer you to another department. It once took me an hour and 20 mins and going through to 3 departments and at least 10 advisors (who I'd spend at least 5 mins explaining the situation to as they just don't understand!) basically openreach installed a line and the engineer left wires sticking out and the customer had a very small child, so obviously a danger and the install hadn't been done correctly. I can't book an engineer for repair, only pstn repair can, and several advisors refused to help. I was determined to get this sorted. It's all about targets (which most people don't meet) sales, sales, cht (call handling time) wrap (time between calls) basically take as many calls as possible, tell customers everything so they don't call back in and cost the business (£7 million a year). Bt love to boast that they are amazing, better than everyone-which is why they are so expensive £28 for unlimited non fibre broadband, which doesn't include line rental or calls during the day or line rental. Managers who don't take calls, office politics, bt are a joke! I'm with plusnet as they have uk based call centres for everything and cheaper than bt. Greedy, incompetent, useless, don't blame the advisors (they've been lied to and hate how it is as well!!) they are so cheap they wouldn't supply staff with plastic cups (to save loadsa money!)

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