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I would not recommend this company, they have had MY £722 since 4th Jan 2013.
After ordering 4th Jan 2013, I then had to chase THEM up on the phone 2 weeks after purchase. I was informed delivery would be Wednesday 16th Jan or Friday 18th Jan and that I would receive a phone call 24 hours in advance. Those dates came and went without any contact. I called THEM again to be told it would be Thurs 24th Jan or Sat 26th Jan, deliveries were delayed "because of snow" the delivery slots had changed and they would ring me 24 hours in advance. Guess what.... No Call. I rang THEM on the 26th Jan after we had cleared space for our new cooker to find out when/if they were coming to be told "it was damaged" so they had sent it back to the manufacturers (if you've read any other reviews, this is sounding VERY familiar by now). They had ordered another one and told us our new delivery dates were the 30th Jan or the 1st Feb... No phone call No delivery... Just what I EXPECTED REALLY. I phoned THEM on the 1st Feb to be told they would get in touch with the delivery team and let me know, I asked for an email as I was at work.
He did actually email me, to say they couldn't confirm a delivery date, whereupon I instructed my Husband to give them a call, as profanity is not ladylike.
He was told that they hadn't received a replacement for the damaged cooker, whereupon my Husband requested a refund, he was then told they would send a man in a van to the factory to pick one up and deliver it on the 8th or 9th of Feb.
Guess what...
No cooker or phone call or email...
My Husband phoned them on the 11th Feb after no contact, they were unable to give a delivery date again, my husband then insisted on a refund and was told it would be 30 days, No if's, no buts... 30 days.
I then rung my credit card company (thank god we used them) to be told that we couldn't instigate a charge back for 30 days after getting confirmation of an accepted refund request, coincidence that!
Anyway, today is day 30 and guess what... No money. So that's a total of 73 days they have had MY MONEY so far.
So now it's in the hands of the credit card company so we should have our money within 7 days... and I believe them.
It's not like we didn't want the cooker.
Do yourself a favour...DO NOT USE THIS COWBOY SETUP !!!!!

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