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late delivery , unconcerned support , no protective bubble wrap inside package

terrible seriously
I ordered next day delivery as you can see here I took a pic because i read the reviews here and was put off , but they had best price so i thought ok ill try them
Anyway never arrived because they didnt send it as next day delivery they just sent it as first class
So it arrived the next day after me spending all day emailing them and waiting for my delivery
I opened the outer box and to my dismay the GFX card i ordered was just taped inside the box
no bubble wrap nothing I mean its sensitive equipment FFS luckily it still worked
Well needless to say I wont use them again .. oh yeah and the email they finally sent me had spelling mistakes and was not even relevant to my questions , They offered me a refund for delivery which they never charged me lol
Anyway if you don't mind when it arrives and the product is not fragile be my guest ;)


no support and lied to

Well i got my dedi server from them i chose kimsufi
I host gaming servers and have done for years
I installed everything and got it up and running , then noticed on connection to my server that pings/latency was high I was surprised because this server is in the exact same location as my last VPS
after 3 weeks of tickets getting closed prematurely with no answers to my problem then my server is offline ???
Next day its been wiped , no reason given , no apology
so i think ok ill reinstall
anyway after weeks the server still laggs and the support on OVH is the final nail in the coffin
You must ask on a forum not a ticket , and the forum is full of idiotd trolls etc the admins dont care if you call OVH bad they will close your thread and allow trolls to derail it and abuse you
I am now hosting from home PC and to my amazement people who live closer to the dedi server get better pins on my home PC

Oh and they will lie to you take a look on there forums if you dont believe me


trust is a strong word , seems you only trust company directors

ok so i wrote a review for an awful company that had no customer support and without writing a review i believe i would have not received a refund anyway.
As for you guys you deleted the review on request of the company ?_? why oh why would you believe the company it makes no sense especially when i then report the company for writing its own reviews only to find my legitimate comment deleted and the boos of their firm who FYI used his proper name OMG LOLS and you still believe it is a genuine review pathetic .

Then after having to prove im legit i then receive a new email around a year later telling me that same review is now deleted again ?????????? do you work for ****** or have ****ing shares in the company ???
anyway moral of the story is YOU cant be trusted to review a company because you give all power to the company .

Also your requirement for proof of purchase is a joke anyone could make up a proof of purchase and the company vice versa can deny existence of such things again giving the company the power , for example saying i never had an account twice and both times you believed them like idiots even though on your records it had been proven
good luck with your site ;D


The real sad part is the genuine public have to prove themselves but the CD can write whatever they like and back it up with false materials like "we have no record of that transaction"
and you say you have to see if a review is genuine its pretty obvious who is a genuine customer from the style of writing and who works for the company ITS BLATANT

30 July 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Paul,

Thanks for ýour comments.

I know it can be frustrating to have to provide us with documentation after you have written your review, however to ensure the quality of the reviews on Trustpilot, we provide an option to report a review that may not follow our review guidelines or could be written by someone who can't be identified as a real customer. Both companies and consumers are free to report reviews on our site, and the reason why a review has been reported is visible on the company profile page.

One of my colleagues in Community Support is investigating the issue. If you can provide documentation that you bought something from the company, we will restore your review. I understand that this is a hassle, but it's the best way can ensure that reviews are written by real customers. So I hope you can help us and other consumers by providing a proof of purchase.

We dedicate a lot of resources to making sure consumers can trust the reviews they read. Accordingly you are welcome to report any reviews you find suspicious, or send an email through to if you have any evidence of reviews that may not be genuine.

I hope this helps explain a bit more about our processes.

Best Regards,


professional reliable

Awesome service and help , also I was under constant DDoS of 20 -30 MB and these guys protect me 100% from it and no other provider has been able to do this , also they host the xbox and playstaion servers so a massive company best in europe by far

Vilayer LTD

DDoS protection fail / support fail

i was getting ddosed so i went to these guys i kept getting ddosed but they chose soo many excuses it was boring in the end they just ignored me and my tickets
I will say in there defence that they have helped me but once they realised I knew I was getting DDoSed they gave up on me and tried to blame my home network ?_? , now having provided evidence to the contrary (videos screenshots and traceroutes ) they just think i will go away ,but i wont , anyway like i said 5 days and no answer to a high priority ticket which in the mean time has left my server un usable
poor poor and more poor better off hosting from your home pc

UPDATE after posting a review here they suddenly where interested and banned me from there teamspeak server (reason bad language ) i never once swore / any way after that my service was suspended because of DDoS the same DDoS that didnt exist for all the tickets i sent them asking why i was getting DDoSed even though they had DDoS protection , I never got answers but its obvious they dont have DDoS protection
They also advertise locations in Europe like UK Germany that just dont exists they have 2 locations 1st is France 2nd is Luxembourg again false advertising

And to add salt to the wound they write there own reviews to try and trick people into thinking they are any good
My advice use your home PC and home net you will receive a better service

Also Id like to add when i first purchased my server it was in the wrong place and the operating system was out of date , I imagine if you set up a server and had no problems then yes i suppose a good review is fine but as you can see if you scroll down the reviews is
even the slightest problem is a big problem at Vilayer

The only good to come from this is I did receive a full refund but I still refuse to give them another star this could have been sorted very fast and I would have just moved on so they only have themselves to blame

Nice to see they have removed the DDoS protection notice from there web site , its a step in the right direction

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