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Blatant frauds

Lovefilm were fine when I was subscribed with them, it was a pain to end my subscription, but aside from that, no qualms. A year later, after I had cancelled my subscription, they started taking £5 from my account every month. This continued for quite a while until I finally eventually came to my sense and noticed it. Their customer service over email was appalling, I recieved a reply and the fellow insisted I probably had another account with them and this is what was causing the deductions from my account. I sent a reply recapping my problem and confirming I had only ever had the one account, and I recieved no reply. You would think such an issue would be top of their list to solve, but no. I got a refund of £20 from Visa eventually, which was some comfort. I would never deal with Lovefilm again - such ignorant customer service and underhand dealings are unacceptable and I would urge people to stay away - yes the free trial is nice, but there are other providers of such a service and if you do opt for the trial (like I did), watch your bank account afterwards.

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