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Appliances Direct

Do not trust these liars!!

I ordered a New World 55TWLG LP LPG Gas Cooker in Stainless steel from this company on the 14th March, gave them all my details, and was told that the cooker would be delivered on Monday 25th. All seemed fine...I then got an email stating that my bank had put a block on my debit card and that they couldn't take the payment. I called my bank who told me that the card wasn't blocked, and the payment had been taken. At 2AM the next morning i received another email from them saying that the order had been cancelled as the payment hadn't been received! I then got a phone call from the manufacturer of the cooker, saying that the cooker was not in stock, and there was no way I was getting the cooker on the 25th as they didn't know when it would be back in!! Truly confused by now, I rang them, only to be told that they couldn't accept my payment as the card i used wasn't registered to my address, firstly I have lived at this address for 10 years, and been with the same bank all that time.. so that's rubbish, and secondly, if that was the case, why the hell had they taken nearly £400 out of my account?!?! I cancelled the order, and was promised a refund within the next 48 hours!!!

I made a complaint, and then received a call from the Customer Services Manager. She apologized profusely, and promised that she would get this sorted out. She advised that the money that had gone out of my account, was where the company had tried to take the money, but the bank hadn't let them. (not what the bank is saying) She PROMISED faithfully that I would have the cooker on the agreed delivery date of 25 March, and also said that the manufacturer should never have contacted me.

Well fast forward to yesterday, I called the bank, to see what was happening with the payment...they are still saying that all Appliances Direct have to do is take the money..its sitting on hold waiting to go through to them. I called AD AGAIN to advise of this..and guess what?!?!?! got a call back from them today to say that the cooker is out of stock, and I cant have it until 2nd APRIL AT THE EARLIEST!!! and that unless I take a white one, they will cancel the order!! they haven't taken, or refunded my money, its still sat there...and im left with a gas fitter booked, a day off of work booked...and yet again NO cooker. And the cooker is STILL showing on the website for delivery 28th March!! Disgusted!!!!

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Bad, bad, bad!!!

I purchased a cooker from these lot online. I received 2 emails confirming the delivery date as today 15/3. My o/h rang them in the week, to confirm time of delivery, and was told they would contact us nearer the time, or we could track it online. I dutifully booked the day off of work and arranged for a qualified gas fitter to come out. At 4.30 yesterday I got a phone call from a really rude woman at the manufacturers telling me that the cooker was out of stock, they didn't know when it would be back in, and it was all my fault because I didn't ring her to check!!! I rang Currys and asked what was going on, explaining that I had made all these plans, and had emails proving the supposed delivery date, and the answer was "oh yeah, you should have rung the manufacturer!!" By this stage I was starting to loose the plot, and explained that when I order clothes from my online account with a major store, I dont ring the sweatshop in asia, to see if they have got around to sewing it!! I also asked them to explain why nobody had told me to ring the manufacturer, and why I had been promised delivery today on 3 separate occasions? All he could say was there must have been a lack of communication!!!! I cancelled the order, and was given another number to ring to complain, they just put me on hold for 12 minuets and then cut me off!! you couldn't make it up! aweful!

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