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Terrible support service

I bought a new Orange 'Sidney' from Argos - one problem after another and very poor support - hours on the phone which at one point I was being charged for. Basically, the phone number on the message it sent me as the mobile number started with 44 not the uk 07 and somehow this has caused a glitch on their system - they acknowledged it was their fault but it has taken an enormous amount of time to sort this out - and still actually not! Passed from one call centre staff member to another listening to lengthy 'option' lists at the end of which you sometimes get cut off or told to dial another number. FRUSTRATING beyond words, I also have a Tesco mobile and when I had a problem with that it was one phone call to an English call centre where they immediately understood what I was talking about and sorted it at no cost to me. The Indian call centre staff ARE polite but it is huge mistake to think any money is being saved when simple queries take multiple calls to sort out because of difficulties with the finer points of language and rather strong accents. I will be sticking to using my Tesco mobile as my main phone in future and really could not recommend Orange at all.

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Dave Tee
Andover, United Kingdom