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Terrible, terrible customer service

Very poor customer service. My car had been broken into and the radio stolen. I called Halfords up on Friday, and the person I spoke to was pleasant and told me to bring it in on Saturday morning and he'd get me a new radio fitted.

I turned up on Saturday. After being made to stand around for a while, I was told he couldn't fit it now, even though one of his appointments had cancelled. He booked me back in a few days later. On arriving to get the radio fitted again, it took 20 minutes to find someone who would speak to me about it. They told me the fitter hadn't turned up to work. The manager came and took my keys, telling me it would be done in 30 minutes.

When I returned after 40 minutes, it took another 20 minutes to find someone to talk too. I was ignored by a customer service woman who was stressing about not being able to find fitters (who were outside smoking.) Finally the manager came back and said the fitter hadn't turned up, and did I realise it would take 2 hours and be x labour charge to fit. I told him how much I'd been quoted on 2 occasions, and he denied this. Rather than call me and let me know they couldn't do fit it today, they left me hanging around for 50 minutes.

I won't be going back, and I suggest you avoid.

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Good communication but item out of stock

I bought an item which was displayed as being in stock. It was only 2 days later when I tried checking the status of my order that I found my order was "Awaiting Stock". It was awaiting stock for a week before finally being posted.
I did get prompt answers from their customer service, but if I knew the item was out of stock I'd have ordered it from elsewhere rather than wait nearly 2 weeks for it.
The only other negative is that they use parcelforce to deliver items. I've had nothing but trouble from them, like today, where my item actually hasn't been delivered, so i'll have to go and pick it up from the depot.


Great service and fast delivery

Items have always arrived promptly, as described and well packaged. Great service all round!


Time wasted and lies

I went to leave for work this morning and noticed a card on the floor saying a delivery attempt had been made. They obviously didn't attempt very hard (in that they didn't bother to knock or ring the door bell). I was in the front room at the time of the delivery.

I called them to complain, they called the driver who agreed to drop the delivery off within the next hour. I called work to tell them I'd be an hour late as I had to wait in for parcelforce. 2 hours later still no sign of the van.

Rather than attempt another delivery, I'll try and pick the item up from the depot.

I've had similar issues with them in the past. I can't actually recall them ever delivering something successfully to my house!

Edit: The TV did turn up in the evening, luckily someone was in to collect it! So upped their rating.

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