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I ordered, (Juicy Couture Ladies' Stella Gold Tone Bracelet Watch - 1900901) on 17/02/2013 for my partners 21st birthday.

I needed the watch to arrive by 12/03/2013 at the latest on her birthday, which I thought would have arrived in plenty of time as I ordered it well in advance.
It was estimated to be processed & delivered within 3-5 working days, it wasn't.
I thought its fine I have plenty of time it will be here.

Next I get an email on 24/02/2013 saying, we've just received notice of a lead time change from our stock control department which affects the original delivery timescale stated in your order. Please note that the new estimated availability date given above is the best possible date we can provide at this time. Rest assured that should this date move forwards or backwards, we will keep you fully informed by email. New delivery date: 04/03/2013 stated in email.

Again I thought its fine, it will still be here for when I need it on 12/03/2013.

The new delivery date (04/03/2013) had come and gone I received no emails keeping me up to date with what is happening.

Now I began calling up enquiring about it. I was first told "I will chase it up with stock control and phone you back by the end of the day". As expected I received no call back.
I called again that same day just prior to closing and spoke to someone else who ensured me I would receive it by the end of the week and that I am on priority delivery for next day service.
I thought, this is a hassel but it will still arrive on time.

Still not arrived I called again on the Friday 08/03/2012, to be told "we will receive it on Tuesday the 12/03/2013 from our supplier and it will be sent next day delivery arriving to you on the Wednesday".

This was a huge inconvenience as I needed it by the Tuesday 12/03/2013 but again staying patient I thought its not a big deal I will tell my partner it will arrive a day late on the Wednesday 13/03/2013.

Still not arrived I called again on the Wednesday, was told "it will arrive by the end of the week". As expected it never arrived.

I called today to be told "we will receive it on Tuesday 19/03/2013 and that I will receive it next day delivery on 20/03/2012".

By this point my patience has run out and I called to say "they need to find better suppliers and that I want a full refund".
I was told "the refund has been processed and you should receive it within 24-48hours".
Yeah right I do not believe this will happen within the timescale stated. It will most likely be 28days later.

Overall terrible company, was told different stories every time I called about suppliers and new delivery dates and never once was I contacted by nigel o' hara keeping me up to date with my purchase.
Also when I purchased the watch it wasn't mentioned online the item was out of stock.

One other thing, the second time I was promised a call back I specifically said "are you sure you will call me back now because I have been promised a call back before and it never happened". Replied "YES".
As guessed by now, it never happened.

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