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No hope left for vBulletin

Oh I wish that vBulletin would just be a good company that makes a good product. Because if they succeed, then I succeed. The fact of the matter is though, I have experienced nothing but a headache with vBulletin starting with vB4. The CMS is totally crap and needs to be fixed on many important levels. Sure you can post a article and edit an article. But when you create an article, it automatically creates a forum thread and a CMS URL for that same article. This results in a duplicate URL and Google penalizes your site's SEO. Therefore, your CMS articles don't show up well in Google. This can be crippling for a site. Wordpress is lightyears ahead of vBulletin in this regard.

I've created multiple instances in JIRA (vBulletin's bug reporting program) and nothing has been done to fix anything. It's been almost a years since the last update.

I've also had vBulletin support argue with me over my suggestions to fix the issues I've been experiencing. I feel like they are working against me all the time.

If you are considering getting any vBulletin products, I would advise against doing so for at least a couple years. Al least until you can see whether they are able to turn themselves around or not.

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