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The Bead Shop

The "One Stop" Beading Shop

I have used the bead Shop in Manchester ever since I first started beading. They always have a good range of good quality beads and findings. All my orders are processed promptly and I have never had to send anything back. My only complaint - I wish the postage was a bit cheaper.

Pest Control Ltd

Caught 3 mice in your humane trap...1 more than the cat

My cat is a hunter and anything that moves is her prey. Unfortunately she tends to bring them home alive and drop them where I can see them - but not catch them. At the time I ordered your trap I had one mouse living under my bed, one living in the spare room amongst all the boxes and one living in the cupboard under the stairs - which had been there, I believe, several months.

Baited the trap with a bit of digestive biscuit smeared with chcolate spread and left it in the spare room. 24 hours later - 1 mouse caught and safely evicted to the garden. Repeated the same thing in my bedroom - mouse #2 caught. The mouse in the cupboard under the stairs was in a different league. 3 attempts to catch him/her failed - trap sprung, bait gone, zilch mouse, but on the 4th attempt success! I am now living in a "mouse free" zone at least for the time being.

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