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Quick, simple and easy.

I was wanting a new desktop PC as i was getting into serious PC gaming and my laptop was beginning to crash from the games I had been playing on it. ( Games were to intensive on it.) So i was looking around for a long time like i do before any large purchase. Google, review sites, for good computer builders. I then came across Chillblast, I had never heard of them before, so i began looking at there systems.

From what I saw i was very impressed, there prices were better than pretty much all there competitors, for the amount of hardwere they were giving, So after a long time looking at the machines and doing many, many customizations for what i wanted. I settled on the "Chillblast Yogsblast", A system that the "Yogscast" use ( according to there site). So when i went to order, my bother also hopped on and added a second PC to my order.

We ordered our PC's around Christmass time so we did expect a delay in the 7-15 days delivery but a week into the new year we still hadn't received them, so after a quick e-mail to the sales team, they explained in full detail and clearly that there suppliers were closed for a period of time and they were waiting on the parts.
For compensation they gave each system four FREE games, two of which were major releases, So we couldn't argue with that.

When they came they were well packaged and came with all the manuals from all the parts which was a good thing, along with the compensation games. A few days in and after I had put mine through it's paces, it never once slowed down or lost any FPS in games like Planetside 2, and Assasins creed 3, so i was happy with my purchase.
Though transit the wire for the fan controller in my brothers PC fell out but I was smart enough to see it and put it right :)

Its has been about 2 1/2 months since i got it and I'm still in love with it :D

Will defiantly be ordering again when i need a new system, ;D

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