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No, eDreams, I wanted a simple flight, not a Grand Tour of flipping Europe

I tried out eDreams for a journey I've bought tickets for in the past. Basically, it involves one change of carrier and around three hours total flight time and costs maybe £400 max.

The lowest-priced flight (or combination of flights) offered by eDreams was timetabled at a mind-bending 23 hours 10 minutes with two transfers and involved flying several hundred miles out of the way to spend the night at a European airport, while at the opposite end of the scale was a relatively quicker combination of flights that came in at a cool £2,220.

Oddly enough, there were zero flights available with just one transfer which led me to wonder if eDreams is obviously deliberately selecting inefficient and expensive journeys in order to maximize their commission should you be dim enough to buy your tickets from them, or whether it's just that their coders are complete morons.

In any case, avoid them. Life's too short too waste grappling with a rubbish website like this.

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Completely useless - don't even waste your time looking

I tried out Kayak for a flight which usually costs around £400 and takes 3 hours or so...the list of flights Kayak presented me with ranged from cheap ones which took 20 hours.... or somewhat quicker ones which cost £2,000+

Hilariously bad and clearly programmed by complete idiots. It makes you wonder about the people giving Kayak good ratings.....


Worst tech company in the world

The worst company I have ever had to deal with, bar none. Their technical support is clueless, their customer support is comprised of idle, brain-dead idiots, and their website is almost impossible to navigate. To add insult to injury, their delivery times are hideously long, and they appear to simply not care about items damaged in transit. After my last horrible experience with Dell I have sworn never to go near them again. If you value your peace of mind you'll follow suit.

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