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I'd rather it had arrived strapped to a pigeon, or a brick

I ordered something through a large online stores " premium " delivery service. As expected it did arrive quickly ( bonus ) however it was rammed in to the back of someone's estate car, with all the other parcels he was delivering plainly in view. Not only that but the driver arrived covered in plaster, smelling of alcohol and cigarettes and my parcel also smelt of smoke as did its contents. I was shocked at the lack of professionalism. On viewing Yodels website you are faced with a picture of a nice, secure, professional looking van. But with investigation they offer part time delivery jobs for delivering in your local area. I imagine this is to cut distribution costs and that it was one of these delivery drivers that came to my door. I complained to said large company and got a very generic, but polite, response. " oh well " I thought and chalked it up to experience. I then ordered something else through another company who sadly also sent the delivery using Yodel. The same delivery driver also delivered this. The company had sent me a very nice free gift of a mug. Which was smashed into a zillion pieces despite being well wrapped and packaged. I emailed to thank them for my item and free mug and suggest they use an alternative courier. But they never responded to my email. I will NEVER order anything from ANYONE who is using Yodel as a delivery service as their methods are not what I would consider to be professional.

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