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No synergy between driver, depot, and website

I was expecting a parcel from Currys/PCWorld (a prize from a competition, as it happens). I came home from work on Thurs March 7th to find I'd been carded by Yodel; fair enough. But the driver had not written anything on the card: not ticked the box to say what he was going to do next, not filled in the time or the parcel number, nothing. So I went on the "MyYodel" website to arrange redelivery. It said the first available redelivery day would be Monday 11th. As I was due to be away from Friday night to Tuesday afternoon I filled in the section asking for the Monday redelivery to go to a neighbour who I knew would be in.
To my surprise, coming home from work on Friday 8th I found I'd been carded again. For the second time, the card was blank. This time the website didn't even recognise the Card ID number. But logging in with the number from the first card showed that my request for delivery to my neighbour on Monday was still in there. So I trusted that this would happen.
Coming home on the evening of Tuesday 12th, I called at my neighbour to ask if the parcel had been delivered to him; he said that it hadn't.
I logged into the website AGAIN and looked for the tracking details list. Somehow it said that there had been an earlier delivery attempt back on Wednesday 6th - well that was the first I knew of that, as that time the driver clearly hadn't even bothered to leave a blank card. So now he'd supposedly made three delivery attempts and the parcel had gone back to the depot in Fareham.
On Thursday 14th, I called the telephone number on the card. The automated system wanted me to enter my parcel number, but ... er ... I don't know it because the driver never wrote it on the card! ... Hanging on the line, I was eventually put through to a helpful-sounding operator. He told me that the system, as he saw it, didn't show my request to redeliver to my neighbour's address (despite the system having sent me a confirmation email telling me about it). Also that, having made three attempts, they couldn't now put a new address into the system (by this stage I wanted to give my work address, on the grounds that SOMEBODY would be there all through working hours, to sign for it).
As the recorded voice of the automated system had said deliveries to residential addresses could be done up to 9pm, I asked the operator if they could re-try delivery to my address on Friday (15th), but specifically put a flag to make it after 4.45pm (i.e., when I'd be home from work). He said yes, they could do that, and if I gave him my mobile number the driver would call to tell me when he was in the area.
Great. Speaking to a real person was going to sort it all out fine.
Or so I thought. Friday 15th came and went, no delivery, no phone call, nothing.
I'm now at my wits' end.

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