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Thought I had found the holy grale for my supplements in boy was I WRONG. I have been using,, and to place my orders roughly every 90 days. I have never had one complication with those three sites. Finally, I do a little searching to find some of the supplements that I use cheaper. I come across I instantly fall in love with the site for obvious reasons. I find my Optimum Nutrtion 100% Whey Protein 5LBS for $40.00 at Sears (odd I know but hey its Sears Roebuck and Co. I would say they are beyond reputable!!! So I put in the the price and website address like asks for and BAM beats Sears's price by 5% $38.00!!! Im pumped thats cheap really cheap. So, I placed a large order on Sunday 3/10/2013 at 4pm. First, I never recieve a tracking number for my order but I dont pay any attention to it. Now its Wednesday 3/13/13 at 4pm. I get home from work expecting my shipment from Long behold nothing... So i call customer service. The girl tells me we had some problems with your price matching. I say OK what about? She first tells me that they will not match Sear's price for my Optimum Nutrtion 100% Whey Protein 5LBS beause Sears is not a store that sells supplements!!!! I tell her if they are not a store that sells supplements then why is it on there website. She then tells me that they do not price match AUCTION SITES Exp. ect... I'm sorry but when did Sears Roebuck and Co. become an auction site? And why did this girl just lie to me twice in the same sentence? I then ask the girl if you had these problems with my order why did you not call me on Monday or Tuesday so we could fix the problem and I could recieve my order sooner. The Girl has no answer for me. After about anther 10 minutes she apparently fixes my order and tells me that I will recieve a email confirming my order with a tracking number in it. I say wonderful thank you for all your help and I hang up the phone. Well, its now Sunday 3/17/2013 and I still have yet to recieve my shipment or even an email confirming my order. This site is a complete hoax Just goes to show you cheaper is not always better or you get what you pay for!!! I will never shop here again and I will be sure to tell every one though every channel that I have available to me to never shop here. This site is a scam that doesnt offer there own gurantee!!!

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