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Sent the item to the wrong address and refused to correct

I gave them the my correct address, and the paypal receipt shows the correct shipping address. However, they sent me an email receipt containing the wrong address. I have no idea where they got this address from, so it appears there is something wrong with their systems. I replied immediately, correcting them. They argued with me via email in a rather immature manner, and a few days later, they replied to my email saying they had just sent the item to the wrong address and there was nothing more they could do. Why would they do this knowing it's the wrong address? They were rude and discourteous and even at one point said "well how did we get hold of this wrong address then?"... incredible. Fortunately, we had paypal on our side as the records were there; the correct shipping address was written on the paypal invoice. I had to threaten them with a claim if they did not either deliver the item or refund the money. The man was rude, but eventually backtracked and agreed. Thankfully, the item was only worth about £8, but imagine if it had been a larger order. An unpleasant experience, we won't be using this company again.

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