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Money First. Screw Customers.

I haven't bought or played the new SimCity but I have played a bunch of other games published by Electronic Arts. I have been following this uproar of negative feedback from consumers recently, especially about SimCity and it really seems like EA only cares about money. Compare them to Rockstar Games. I love the GTA series and every new game that comes out the developers seemed to have listened to the people who buy and play their games. But EA? Not a chance. They make a game and bank on it that people will buy it. Obviously children will buy it, especially if the package is shiny. They buy great companies like DICE and Maxis and they ruin the game just to make some cash.

Even worse, they try to silence anyone who has revealing information about them and their lies. For example, on the official SimCity forums a post reveals the ease of offline play with a simple mod. This is important and crucial to their PR because they said the game had to be online and connected to the internet to run properly because of DRM. Some moderator of the forum then proceeds to delete the post. Go figure.

Last and certainly not least is EA's stranglehold on it's consumer base. People always say that they will never buy an EA product again. Bullshit. EA is one of the biggest publishing, developing, marketing, what have you, companies in the world. I have personally never said that I will never buy from EA again because of games like FIFA, Battlefield and other huge titles. I may however find a way to obtain said games without having to throw money at a company, which doesn't deserve it in terms of how they treat their customers.

I highly encourage any reader of this to really research Electronic Arts. I'm not saying go online and type in "How EA games sucks" or "Why shouldn't I buy from EA." Do some deep, factual, clean research on Electronic Arts.

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