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"Fans" instead of Customers, care about stockholders ahead of customers

I have been with EA for a very long time as a customer. My first purchase was Need for Speed back in the 90's when the company was really starting to make headway. They were a great company then and took care of their producers (such as Maxis) and let them create truly terrific games. Then Bradshaw took over the company back in 2005 again and it all went to hell from there. Ever since Bradshaw shifted the focus of EA, all the original employees from Maxis have quit, including the mastermind of all of their incredible games (up to 2008) Maxis himself, for ruining his dream game. This company will screw you over in every way possible, from producing half-ass, rushed games to banning you for even requesting a refund on a faulty product. I personally was screwed over by EA in their latest release, SimCity. This game not only didn't work on release, when it finally did work, the game itself had so many game breaking flaws, it wasn't worth playing! Avoid purchasing EA games as much as possible.

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