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Just what i wanted, right price, great delivery. Thank you.


Don't join Virgin! Be warned

Sould be negative stars. lowest I can give is 1
Marketing genius..promise everything, fastest broadband, great tv etc etc. Wow, impressive eh!! I signed up for a year on XL - 4 TVs, 30mb broadband and phone. THANK GOD THE TIME IS UP AND I CAN LEAVE. Don't get suckered in, DO NOT JOIN -you have been warned.
(We don't do anything odd. TV, PS3 games and Netflix, plus Utube music)
INSTALLATION - drilled hole through my chimney (and me to repair - felt sorry for the guy who said he would be in big trouble....). left cable poorly draped up the garden (promised weather cover never came).
USE -So off I went with the 30 Mb broadband. After a couple of weeks of hassle, it settled down, but then a neighbor took up Virgin too and my problems really began. Internet kept tripping out and had TV probs. Endless calls and visits. New Superhub (must be a law against calling it Super!). Rubbish "ping" in the 100's. speed often in single figures. Finally changed from the default Virgin DNS servers and got ping of 20 or so. Hooray. Struggled on, then got a letter saying speed will be doubled to 100 with no price increase. Sounded too good ( 2 x 30 not 100) new letter saying 60, but no price increase. Service continued to be bad. No sign of speed increase - seems it got put back a year. Did get a price increase though!
I finally gave up on the Superhub, switched it to modem only mode as per Virgin website and bought a high quality Cisco router. Actually OK for a short time, but noticed regular speed halving. Seems they snuck in a traffic managing clause with the invisible speed increase. I found out when I rang to complain about the half speed. They checked the line, didn't like me using modem only mode and ever since, the Superhub does a regular "blip" reset that disconnects my Cisco. Found others with this issue too. Grrrrr! Traffic manage means play a PS3 game or watch a movie and you get half speed and a much more erratic service for a few hours (you get put on the bad boy pipe!) Yesterday it went from 30Mb download to 3 (yes 3) and from 3 upload to 0.5. So unable to play games and movies stutter badly. These are just a few (!!) of the moans. The real lowlight is the Customer Service. They read from a script, don't know what they are talking about and happily lie to you. Looking online, their network & infrastructure are clearly way over stretched -and they know it - but don't care. Can't wait to get back to a decent ISP. I'll never go near a Virgin product again, bank, airline, whatever...and I used to admire Richard, little did I know.
I'm not cc-ing Virgin, not till I get switched

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