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Quick way to get to know the town

It is a quick way to get to know the town. I went on the red line (with a live British on the bus as a guide) and the other one (blue, if I'm not mistaken), where there is just a recording available, in different languages. The red tour had a fun and exciting guide, but I couldn't understand what she was saying half of the time because the sound system was HORRIBLE. Plus, she speaks super fast, which didn't help - considering I've been living in the US for 8 years, I should be able to understand her, but the sound system was HORRIBLE - thought I would mention it again... The other line where there is a recording is ok - the only option you have if you can't understand what the live guide says. Let me just say something: they seem to sell most tickets at the stop and hop bus stops, which makes it for a VERY LONG STOP, which doesn't add anything to the experience of getting to know London. I went on the same type but in Barcelona and they had 2 people on the bus and the people that needed to purchase tickets would do it on board, without delaying the trip. I thought Big Bus Tours was not efficient at all and would leave a bus full of people WAITING for a long time, several times along the route. They don't have a covered second floor, so be prepared to bundle up if it is during the winter time. My hangs took 1h to warm up after I spent 2h on the 2nd floor of the bus in March. One other thing, that seems to be out of their control: there were a few detours they had to take, which on the blue line (the bus that has recordings) was a pitty / shame, because there was no recordings for us to listen to, which means we didn't know where we were passing by.


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