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Wells Poultry Ltd

Late delivery will shop elsewhere in future

Having not ordered from Chicken-House for a number of years, I can honestly say I will probably never order from them again!
On the website it states orders usually dispatched on same day if ordered before 12. What it doesn't state is this is only an 'occaional' and unlikely to happen if you order on a Monday when all weekend orders take priority
So, not only was my 'express delivery' dispatched a day later than I had anticipated, the courier they use is City-Link who used their 'tried to deliver' and 'carded' online status update on their tracking system when i had in fact been at home ALL day waiting for them!
As most of us know, when something goes wrong and the service is not what you expected, how the company deals with it goes a long way to whether or not you will again use that company or recommend them to a friend.
In this instance an apology rather than arrogance would have been appreciated. The young woman who subsequently phoned me up to advise me on what City Link had said was nothing but professional however even she stated that the other member of staffs customer skills were overdue a serious update!

As I attempted to explain before, since I do not have an account with CityLink I am unable to long onto their website and view the photograph to confirm whether or not the said photo is my wall! I have tried to describe the entrance to my house to you - a suqare brick post, open iron gates, an external postbox and an external code entry. The gates were OPEN since on the additional comments I had left when ordering there were instructions for the delivery company to leave in either the large shed or greenhouse should I not be there!!!! So, IF the driver did call (he didn't) and if I wasn't there (I was in all day) and if he said he carded (he didn't) why didn't he then leave the goods as per my request??
In this instance your customer service was not of a level I appreciate and your chosen delivery company were late in delivery
You asked me to leave a comment on the service I received and I have...I certainly did not expect the response I have received (although I guess I shouldn't have been surprised!). Should you wish to explain why I wasn't carded by the delivery driver, why he didn't leave the box in the safe place as requested I would be interested. Should you wish to provide me with your log on details and password for CityLink I will happily view said photo and confirm what we both know already that this isn't my wall!

19 March 2013

Reply from Wells Poultry Ltd

I'm sorry you feel the service you received is not what you expected.

We offer 2 delivery services, "As Soon As Possible" and "non urgent"

We say that we normally despatch orders the same day if received before 12 but this is not guaranteed and can depend on many factors. The order will still be despatched as soon as possible and ahead of any non urgent orders from the same period. Unfortunately, your order place at 11:10 just missed being sent out the same day due to the volume of orders we had to process at that time.

When city link attempted delivery they take a photo of your property as proof of the visit. We did send you the photo taken on Wednesday afternoon and asked you to confirm if this was your property. I've included the chat transcript from our initial contact. I don't feel there was any arrogance in this and i'm happy to make it public. As you'll see, you left the conversation after your last comment without answering my question. As you ended the conversation at that point I couldn't have offered an opology even if an apology was appropriate. As I was not in the office when i accepted this online chat with you, I was also instructing our office staff to contact citylink and yourself to ensure the item was delivered as soon as possible.


We didn't receive a response to this and without knowing if this was an error by the carrier or they couldn't get an answer we have nothing to base a complaint to the carrier on.

Simon Wells says @ 11:11:49:
Hello Lorraine. My name is Simon Wells how can I help you?
Lorraine says @ 11:12:14:
Hello Simon - I just wanted to express my disatisfaction at your 'express' postal service
Lorraine says @ 11:12:48:
I ordered something Monday at 11.14, when i phone you Tuesday you said it wasn't guaranteeed same day but only sometimes would you send out same day if received before 12
Lorraine says @ 11:13:08:
I am still awaiting said parcel dispite paying extra for the express delivery
Simon Wells says @ 11:14:01:
what is you postcode
Lorraine says @ 11:14:07:
Simon Wells says @ 11:15:57:
it looks like they attempted to deliver it yesterday but there was no one home
Lorraine says @ 11:16:48:
ha ha - I have spoken to citylink - I was in ALL DAY and there was no attempt at delivery at all - that was the usual stunt pulled by drivers wehn they want to go home early
Lorraine says @ 11:17:17:
it's just a shame that a lot of your reviews were singing your praises and I could have saved money on delivery adn got it sooner!!!!
Lorraine says @ 11:17:52:
maybe you could think about changing your postal delivery or give your customers a choice in future???
Simon Wells says @ 11:19:43:
That's unlikley as they have to take a photo of your door as proof of the visit. I'll be able to check this later.
Simon Wells says @ 11:21:21:
Simon Wells says @ 11:21:21:
Simon Wells says @ 11:21:28:
is that your wall?
Lorraine says @ 11:21:53:
and leave a card which they didn't do either.......still, if it ever turns up then all well and good - if it doesn't arrive today I'll let you know and you can recall it and issue a full refund

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