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It is Fraud. HANDS OFF!!!

I ordered some lamps from Infurn in October. Supposedly the lamps were in stock, but as soon as I ordered, they told me that I would receive the lamps in February. Then after a few weeks the delivery date got pushed back to March. And now they are telling me some tall tale about their quality management having rejected the delivery. The same tale I have read here in other reviews.
And if you still don't believe me, read their comments to all positngs on this page. It is always sorry but we tried to call... Sorry but you did not answer our emails..., sorry but our supplier made a mistake. They have excuses for everything, deliver nothing, and, in my personal opinion, at least border on being criminals.
I will file criminal charges against these people and if anyone wants to take part in that, I can only encourage you to contact me

I reported Infurn.com to the British authorities today. I can only encourage anyone who feels Infurn committed fraud against them to go to the website of Action Fraud (I can not post a link here, so just google it) and report them. This is especially true for international customers who can not report to the UK police directly. You can file the report on the phone and they have people speaking lots of different languages if your English is not great.

ALSO: Infurn is, in my opinion, MANIPULATING their TESTPILOT rating. On November 15th and 16th they have 22 5 Star comments on Truspilot. The people posting are almsot exclusively from Germany, the country that the Infurn CEO is from, and they all talk about their great new Fatboy beanbag. Even the tiles and texts of many of the posts are almost identical.

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