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100% untrustworthy

My experience is very similar to most people leaving comments. I booked time off work and was in waiting all morning for the delivery (which was meant to be between 10:22am and 11:22am) and when I checked my email I was told a delivery had been attempted but nobody was in. This is a complete lie, I was sat near the door in total silence (I have two young kids at school so glad of the peace and quiet) reading a book, there is no way I missed them. I have no calling card so therefore the driver simply hasn't bothered to try and deliver.

I don't mind delays, and I don't mind mistakes, but lying to customers and using jobsworth drivers is simply unacceptable. Sort it out DPD, in this economic climate you can't afford this level of incompetence, there are plenty more couriers out there who do a better job than you.

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